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Nobody wants Tulip in their gang She skives off school, cheeks the teachers and makes herself unpopular with her classmates by telling awful lies None of this matters to Natalie who finds Tulip exciting At first she doesn t care that other peopleare upset and unnerved by Tulip s bizarre games, but as the games become increasingly sinister and dangerous, Natalie realises that Tulip is going too far, much too far, racing, in fact, to the novel s shocking ending

11 thoughts on “The Tulip Touch

  1. Sally Applebee Sally Applebee says:

    I gave this book four stars becaue it held my attention The characters seemed very real because their problems are seen in school Tulip may not seem real to you but she does to me The Tulip Touch, by Anne Fine, really makes you realize what a bad influence can do I think Anne Fine told the story in just the right way to make it seem real.

  2. Tales of a Librarian Tales of a Librarian says:

    I only read this book for the first time recently in an afternoon in fact as I d somehow missed this as a child This is a genuinely sinister book The characters are exceptionally well drawn You can easily see why Natalie is drawn to the clever, creative Tulip At first it seems an innocent if somewhat controlling friendship but as Tulip s games become subtly nastier and callous Natalie has to fight to break free of Tulip s hold on her I can t really do this book justice Everyone should try it My heart was in my throat as it rushed to its conclusion The reader is left with a slightly uncomfortable feeling and the question, if you turn a blind eye when you know harm is being done are you as guilty as the perpetrator Could anyone have helped Tulip in any case I d have given this stars if I could.

  3. Eileen Shaw Eileen Shaw says:

    Winner of the Carnegie Children s Book of the Year for 1996, this story concerns Natalie, daughter of a hotel proprietor and her friendship with Tulip of the title Tulip has an awful home life and at first Natalie s parents encourage their friendship But they don t really know what the girls are getting up to together They play some rather silly games, such as Stinky Mackeral where the idea is to pretend that somebody smells, without actually saying so to their face They also play games that have a dangerous flavour, one of which involves them knocking on a door at random and making up a story that will get them inside the house But the game that breaks up the friendship and leads Natalie to worry for her own and her family s safety is setting fire to dustbins or old sheds Natalie breaks away from Tulip, but Tulip has one last awful game that she s determined to play Introduce your pre teen daughters to some excellent writing today by giving them this book.

  4. Nickster Nickster says:

    A very interesting book about friendship and innocence A little upsetting in parts for younger readers and the character of Tulip reminds me of the awful story of Mary Bell Reading this book as an adult you can appreciate the difficulties of the character of Tulip and her home life and understand the reasons for her behaviour Certainly not a fun story and quite unsettling but nevertheless I wanted to read to the end to see what happens Great characters, very real situations and lots of empathy for the protagonist Natalie as she slowly starts to grow up and grow out of her friendship with her self destructive friend.

  5. Aminarossini Aminarossini says:

    I have read this with both my children when they are were in year 6 10 11 yrs We have all found this to be an outstanding read so powerful, emotive, can t stop thinking about the story, characters, our own lives and choices Many people will find this a chilling read and we found discussion about the story and life in general was very helpful.

  6. Faith Faith says:

    She s 10 which was the age I was when I read this dark novel It handles a dark subject well and opens up great discussions

  7. Gill Gill says:

    very good story

  8. howtoclaimbackppi.co Customer howtoclaimbackppi.co Customer says:

    I ve loved this book for over 20 years and now reading it to my class, I feel the same magic as I did when my teacher read it to me.

  9. eve clements eve clements says:

    very good condition

  10. D.E. D.E. says:

    very satisfied

  11. Lexie Lexie says:

    This was a great buy Bought as part of required reading list, but i only put it down once and even then that was only to answer the phone Two min later and it was back in my hand.