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From the author of the international bestselling One of Us is LyingA perfect town is hiding secrets Secrets that somebody would kill to keep hidden Ellery s never been to Echo Ridge, but she s heard all about itIt s where her aunt went missing at age sixteen, never to return Where a Homecoming Queen s murder five years ago made national newsAnd now she has to live there with her estranged grandmother, after her mother lands in rehab Malcolm grew up in the shadow of the Homecoming Queen s deathHis older brother was the prime suspect and left Echo Ridge in disgraceBut now he s back just as mysterious threats appear around town, hinting that a killer will strike again Then another girl disappearsAs Ellery and Malcolm race to unravel what happened, they realise every secret has layers in Echo RidgeTightly plotted and brilliantly written, with sharp, believable characters, this whodunit is utterly irresistibleHEAT

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  1. AwesomeDevil~ AwesomeDevil~ says:

    Wem One of us is lying gefallen hat, der wird auch mit Two can keep a secret Spa haben Ich fand auch dieses Buch wirklich gut und es hat Spa gemacht zu lesen Die Chataktere sind interessant, die Geschichte ist spannend und ich habe die Twist der Geschichte nicht hervorsehen k nnen Liest sich schnell und einfach Das Einzige, was ich auszusetzen habe Ich h tte gerne etwas mehr Zwillingsaction, besonders im letzten Drittel des Buches, gehabt

  2. Luttä Luttä says:

    Ich liebe die B cher der Autorin, hab sie innerhalb eines Tages komplett durchgelesen sehr zu empfehlen, da es bis zum Schluss spannend bleibt und die Handlung wie auch das Ende nicht abgedroschen sind

  3. Ursula Gäbler Ursula Gäbler says:

    Buch meinen Enkel zu Weihnachten geschenkt, er liest gern in englischer Sprache und es gefiel ihm sehr gut

  4. birgit birgit says:

    Toll zu lesen

  5. filu filu says:

    gelesen von meinen 15 und 17 j hrigen Kindern und f r lesenswert und spannend befunden

  6. Snarky Snarky says:

    Das Buch hatte ich mir spontan gekauft gehabt, und es war wirklich spannend bis zum Schluss Ellery zieht mit ihren Zwillingsbruder nach Echo Ridge zu ihrer Gro mutter, da ihre Mutter in der Reha ist Echo Ridge ist der Ort, wo ihre Tante im Alter von 16 Jahren spurlos verschwand und wo vor f nf Jahren die Homecoming K nigin ermordet wurde Niemand wei , was mit einem der M dchen passiert ist, und Ellerys Familie wird immer noch von ihrem Verlust verfolgt.

  7. Cissy Cissy says:

    I could not put this down Also, this was kind of to scary for me I can not do anything scary , but I loved it so much I highly recommend this, but maybe don t read at night when you get scared as easily as I do.

  8. Star Star says:

    Ahh I hate leaving a bad review and this is my first.One of us is lying is by far one of the best books ever BuT This is so boring I have had to force myself to get to the end It is like one of those point horror books from the 80sSorry but after so much anticipation for the release of this book I am disappointed It is just another teen horror with no real guidance or believable storyline I am still trying to understand the twins life before they went to stay with the grandma they never knew Too much giving snipbits but never expanding on them.I haven t found hardly any twists either Sorry but I wouldnt get to excited.

  9. Nikki Sidaway Nikki Sidaway says:

    I loved this thriller Sadly I had a whole review written which goodreads apparently ate so I m going to try and remember all the reasons whyI loved Ellery her relationship with Ezra and how he supported her yay , her obsession with true crime, and the way she isn t sure who to trust I also like that she isn t outright distrustful, and that it comes across why she struggles to trust people She wants to, she just struggles with it I really liked that detail.She s also a great main character, and I really connected with her Her need to know what happened and her belief that it will improve her life was infectious.Malcolm was a little harder to connect to you sort of see that with his brother too he doesn t connect easily to the other people in the book either He s also not a great main character in that he s definitely not convinced that he wants to know I get that without him, we would have some really useful information, but I didn t feel he quite added enough to the story But honestly That s my only niggle.The mystery was great too I only figured it out right before the characters did And I loved the police involvement here too I won t say why cause it heads towards spoilers, but it s great to see what we learn about them at the end Plus Ellery s interaction with one of them is really fun.I also love that the town has a scary theme park So creepy and random This is definitely worth the 4.5 stars I m giving it and is definitely waving the flag for YA mysteries and thrillers More mysteries please

  10. Neelam Neelam says:

    I read One Of Us Is Lying last year and loved it so much I adored the characters and the story kept me reading well into the night So I had high hopes for Two Can Keep A Secret and it did not disappoint I don t usually read thrillers but wow this book was amazing I read this book in a day and I just could not put it down Like her first book it kept me guessing right until the end and the plot twists were so good and I did not see them coming.I loved the complex web that she created making it difficult to trust any information we were given This book felt darker than One of Us is Lying too There was some truly eerie moments that gave it a spooky feel although it s not quite horror.There were quite a lot of characters in the book that made it a little confusing at first to keep track at first but as the story progressed it became clear who each person was This book is just filled with characters who aren t as they seem and I loved that no one is above suspicion.The story is told from two points of view, Ellery who is new to the town and Malcolm who has lived there his whole life It was interesting seeing the story and other characters from both their perspectives and the contrast of Ellery who is seeing everything with fresh eyes and Malcolm who has history with these characters and is quite cynical because of the circumstances of how he has had to live growing up I should probably preface this by sayingI think about crime a lot Like, an abnormal amount I get that It s sort of a problem So you have to take what I say with a grain of salt, because I m just thisnaturally suspicious person, I guess Ellery is so curious about everything and constantly wants to dig deeper to find the truth and the secrets So going to live with her grandma in a town full of secrets was like a dream come true for Ellery She is fuelled by the fact that her aunt went missing there and it got her interested in true crime and the need to find the truth even if it puts her in danger I loved that unlike a lot of protagonists, who go rushing in without thinking things through, Ellery does think about the information she is given and how trustworthy it is I also loved her relationship with her brother and how they got on so well It s nice to see good sibling relationships in books.Seeing how Malcolm had to live with all the controversy that surrounded him and his family it was so nice to see how kind he was and a total geek and I loved him He had a wonderful friendship with Mia where they help and look out for each other and it was great to see how Ezra fit in so well with Mia and that helped Ellery become friends with them too I loved how awkward he was around Ellery and that despite being called handsome by both Ellery and Brooke, he isn t egotistical and big headed He has trust issues and every reason to doubt people close to him but still sees the best in people and will try to make excuses for them, especially when it comes to murder.This book is fast paced and has lots of tension which makes you want to read, just one chapter, and even the side stories are wonderfully woven into the main story I really loved this book and if you enjoyed One of Us is Lying or thrillers then I highly recommend this book

  11. KindleReader2004 KindleReader2004 says:

    Yet again, Karen McManus has delivered another amazing book Two Can Keep A Secret was full of plot twists and genuinely kept me guessing until the very end I was utterly shocked at the ending.I loved all the characters Ellery, Malcolm, Ezra, Ryan, Declan etc They were all well developed likeable.As for the intriguing plot, well, you ll know it when you will definitely read it I was convinced that it was someone who it wasn t It was cleverly written and a really enjoyable read.I would have liked closure on Ellery s aunt, Sarah though But that s just my opinion It was still an outstanding book A definite 5 stars and a must read

  12. Ree Ree says:

    Not as good as One of Us is Lying.It was well written and an easy read, but it was far too straightforward I would have liked to have seen a intricate plot with twists and tension I really liked the characters of Ellery and Malcolm, for me they were believable and relatable characters It s just a few of the other characters were a little two dimensional for me Because of lack of depth in these characters it was very easy to guess the killer So a bit of a slow burner but not awful.

  13. SLeavy SLeavy says:

    Ellery and Ezra Corcoran are twins They are staying in Echo Ridge with the Grandmother they barely know while their mother Sadie is in rehab Sadie s twin sister Sarah went missing in Echo Ridge 23 years ago The town gained further unwanted notoriety 5 years ago, when Lacey Kilduff, a popular student, was found murdered Now, someone is starting trouble again, and Ellery finds herself in danger.This was twisty, sharp and clever I thought there were little tells throughout the story to try and put us off, and I was right about who was behind the crimes, but it didn t spoil my enjoyment of the book I m a sucker for a good YA thriller anyway, but throw in twins and a horror themed theme park and I couldn t fault it really.Deducting one star purely because I found it difficult to keep track of the timeline of Sarah s story and Lacey s story, and found it confusing to remember the three generations of townsfolk and who fit in where I also didn t think Sadie was very deep as a character and some of the things she said didn t make sense to me But apart from that, I really enjoyed this.

  14. The coycaterpillar Reads The coycaterpillar Reads says:

    Ellery and her twin brother Ezra arrive in Echo Ridge after their mother, Sadie has a mental breakdown Their introduction to the town is somewhat foreboding of what is to come after discovering a dead body on the road Ellery discovers that the town is drowning in secrets, several murders and disappearances of girls The one things in common is that they are all homecoming queens or in the present day scenario, voting into homecoming court Ellery is especially interested in the dark history of the town as her Mother s twin sister, Sarah disappeared around twenty years ago in similar suspicious circumstances.Lacey is the next victim who is found dead by strangulation Fast forward 5 years and Ellery is caught up in the re emergence of chilling messages, another girl gone missing The events that take place seem on the surface to be unrelated but are they I gave this book a solid 4 stars out of 5 I really enjoyed this book, when I really emersed myself in the story I couldn t put it down This was my first outing with this author and can categorically say that I will read others by her too I enjoyed the two perspective takes in the chapters and it gave us a useful insight too the multicomplexity of the themes used throughout.It was a suspenseful book and it had me gripped especially in the second half The plot was well developed and the flow just worked beautifully in my opinion I enjoyed the character arcs of all the intertwining personalities it just WORKED I had estimated a guess at who was responsible and I was completely wrong and usually I m not too far off It was a shock If you enjoy Young Adult and thrillers then give this a go, you will not be disappointed.