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A beautiful new edition of the stunning debut novel by Nina LaCour, award winning author of We Are Okay Hold Still may be the truest depiction of the aching, gaping hole left in the wake of a suicide that Ive ever read A haunting and hopeful book about loss, love, and redemptionGayle Forman,bestselling author of If I Stay and I Have Lost My WayThat night Ingrid told Caitlin, Ill go wherever you go But by dawn Ingrid, and her promise, were goneIngrids suicide immobilizes Caitlin, leaving her unsure of her place in a new life she hardly recognizes A life without the art, the laughter, the music, and the joy that she shared with her best friend But Ingrid left something behind In words and drawings, Ingrid documented a painful farewell in her journal Journeying through Ingrids final days, Caitlin fights back through unspeakable loss to find renewed hopeHold Still is the indelible debut that launched Nina LaCour, the award winning author of We Are Okay LaCours breakthrough novel brings the changing seasons of Caitlins first year without Ingrid to the page with indelible emotion and honesty Includes an all new essay from the author to commemorateyears in print

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  1. Katzenjammer123 Katzenjammer123 says:

    Caitlin doesn t know how to go on, ever since her best friend Ingrid comitted suicide she feels lost and guilty She torments herself with questions like Could I have helped Ingrid and rescued her Everyday life and high school feel strange and incomplete without Ingrid by her site.Caitlin needs to learn anew to have fun in life and to not feel guilty for living With the help of her parents, friends and a journal, that Ingrid left at Caitlin s place, she tries to understand why her best friend killed herself and to go on with her life.I bought my copy of Hold still on a whim when I saw it in an online bookstore I had just finished a great young adult book about loss grief by Amy Kathleen Ryan Shadow Falls and was interested in books with these themes I was suprised by how perfect Hold still worked for me I loved it even though it gave me a headache because it made me cry a lot.Caitlin is an amazing character, I loved everything about her The way she questioned her own behaviour was tormenting and I felt everything she felt The strength that Caitlin showed at the end of the story was outstanding and I was fascinated by every step she took on her journey back to a normal life I loved that Caitlin s parents were wonderful and helped her with her grief Both her mom and dad were truly adorable and I especially liked her dad s way to bring some joy back into Caitlin s life It s always nice and refreshing to read a young adult story with parents that are just as they should be.The insight that sometimes you are powerless to help a loved person is always hard to accept Caitlin asked herself some hard questions because of keeping quiet when she knew that something with Ingrid was not ok There are no easy answers to these questions and I liked how Caitlin dealt with them in the end.Ingrid s journal was full of heart breaking messages and reading them was very emotional and disturbing I could feel Ingrid s pain and self doubt In the end I could even understand some of her feelings and realized that the pain she lived with was hard to explain to other people The way Nina LaCour portrayed Ingrid s depression and her boundless despair was very powerful and felt real Hold Still was a very emotional and gut wrenching book and I would recommend it to all readers because it s so powerful, arresting and full of interesting and great characters I loved that the author didn t shy away from showing the dark reality of depression and that she gave Caitlin time to deal with what happened.coverI like the paperback cover, the colours are nice and the motive looks interesting However I think that the hardcover design fits better to the story.final appraisal Hold still is a very emotional book about loss, suicide and depression To read how Caitlin went on with her life after her best friend died was arresting and to read how strong she became was wonderful Make sure to have some tissues with you when you read the book.

  2. minem minem says:

    Ich habe mir das buch im englischen gekauft, um mein englisch zu verbessern und auch wenn ich nicht jedes wort verstehe, bekomme ich den Inhalt mit und verstehe das Buch insgesamt Kann ich weiterempfehlen

  3. I. K. Gill I. K. Gill says:

    Nina LaCour wrote this debut novel when she was just twenty two years old Pretty amazing given how well written this book is and how confidently it deals with themes of self harm, depression, teenage sexuality and the complex grief processes experienced after losing a loved one through suicide Really loved How Ingrid s journal entries offered brief windows to her thoughts and the use of seasons distinctly marking the passage of time as readers progress through Caitlin s journey to finding herself again after losing her best friend Ingrid A challenging but very worthwhile read.

  4. Lucy Lucy says:

    This book did such a good job at exploring grief, depression and what it s like to move on without someone you love I thought this was brilliant, I only wish I had read this back when I was younger.

  5. Nic Shurmer Nic Shurmer says:

    A really interesting read that deals with some complex issues in a tender way for a younger audience Very highly recommended.

  6. Anonymous Anonymous says:

    It s the kind of book you can t put down It s amazingly heartwarming and relatable, I would definitely recommend to anyone