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The Grishaverse will be coming to Netflix soon with Shadow and Bone, an original series The stunning sequel to SIX OF CROWS, this is GAME OF THRONES meets OCEAN S ELEVEN in a fantasy epic from the numberNEW YORK TIMES bestselling author Leigh BardugoWelcome to the world of the GrishaKaz Brekker and his crew of deadly outcasts have just pulled off a heist so daring even they didn t think they d survive But instead of divvying up a fat reward, they re right back to fighting for their livesDouble crossed and badly weakened, the crew is low on resources, allies, and hope As powerful forces from around the world descend on Ketterdam to root out the secrets of the dangerous drug known as jurda parem, old rivals and new enemies emerge to challenge Kaz s cunning and test the team s fragile loyaltiesA war will be waged on the city s dark and twisting streets a battle for revenge and redemption that will decide the fate of the Grisha worldAs gripping, sweeping and memorable as the Grisha trilogy SHADOW AND BONE, SIEGE AND STORM and RUIN AND RISING this novel is perfect for fans of Sarah J Maas, Laini Taylor, Kristin Cashore and GAME OF THRONESWinner of the Teen Choice Book Award for Book of the Year Schon der Vorg nger Six of Crows ist ein absolutes Meisterwerk und Crooked Kingdom steht dem ersten Teil in nichts nach Wenn ich es noch richtig in Erinnerung habe beginnt der zweite Teil nur ein paar Wochen nachdem der erste Teil geendet hat Wie auch schon im ersten Teil ist jedes Kapitel aus einer anderen Sicht geschrieben und diesmal lernen wir auch Wylan n her kennen Jeder Charakter ist so einzigartig und liebenswert, trotz der jeweiligen Fehler Es ist ein genuss jedes Kapitel zu lesen Bei den H rb chern ist die Stimme des Sprechers von Matthias wunderbar, generell sind die Sprecher gut ausgew hlt Aber zur ck zum Buch Kaz hat wie immer einen Plan, l sst sich aber nicht in die Karten schauen und es gibt mehrere berraschungsmomente die einem nur den Kopf schwirren lassen.Der Schreibstil von Bardugo ist phantastisch Sie ist eine Meisterin der geheimen Zuneigung Liebe, sie schafft knisternde Momente die so wunderbar sind ohne schmalzig oder platt zu wirken Ein absoluter Lesegenuss Auch dieses Mal ist es unglaublich spannend und im richtigen Tempo.Ich hoffe, dass aus diesem Buch noch ein Spin off entsteht und alle Charaktere des Buches ein gl ckliches Ende bekommen, dass sie verdienen Ich habe das Buch mit einem lachenden und weinenden Auge beendet und Six of Crows und Crooked Kingdom geh ren nun zu meinen Lieblingsb chern Zudem hoffe ich das es noch mehr zu Nikolei geben wird Unbedingt lesen Crooked Kingdom continues where Six of Crows left off It s another scheme, bolder, bigger, dangerous.What I likedThe writing style is still engaging and entertaining.The plot was okay In comparison to Six of Crows it was worse because it felt fabricated and forced Still, you can read it.All in all the characters were still okay Even if I didn t agree with many decisions, it suited the characters in many ways.What I didn t likeJasper s dad shows up Now you can t pretend any longer that those kids aren t kids They start acting their age and I m too old for this Jasper s dad has to stop fights between them and childish stuff like that.Again too much information I still don t need to know what they had for breakfast five years ago Leave some details to the fantasy of the readers.Kaz being an idiot I thought that this might happen, but it was so improbable I didn t bother to keep an eye on it He is supposed to be the mastermind Yet he didn t learn anything from his mistakes at the end of book 1 Stupid, avoidable mistakes.Plan explaining the whole plan so you know that it ll fail before they execute it Yes, I know it s one of the techniques of dealing with strategy and tactics but I don t like it.Inej fights a trained assassin Ridiculous The whole plotline is ridiculous.Turning gangsters into kittens and Mr goody two shoes.Kaz still doesn t need a girlfriend he needs a therapist.So, I ll give it 2,75 out of 5 stars. This book managed to give me all the feels And I mean, all the feels My heart raced from worrying about the characters I have grown to worship I laughed about their witty and sometimes stupid let s be honest banter and I felt tears welling up when there was yet another scene in which one of them had to endure emotional or physical pain, in which they had to suffer at the hands of ruthless scum although let s not stop being honest we all know that Kaz is one of the most ruthless of them all but I d also protect him with my life, so.I can just imagine Leigh Bardugo s scheming face get it while coming with plot twists so incredible and fantastic that you are just as stunned as the rest of the Dregs when Kaz reveals one of his plans I could never predict what was going to happen next, I let Leigh and Kaz pull the wool over my eyes and only managed soft gaps whenever another plot twist came around the corner.I love my Dregs, I love this gang I couldn t have fallen harder for Kaz, Inej, Nina, Matthias, Jesper and Wylan I want to build Leigh a shrine because I already worship every word she poured into the creation of something as magnificent as this.I feel so empty upon finishing this book, I literally have no clue what to do with my life now Re read the series Buy five different copies of it Read Inej and Kaz fanfiction Eat nothing but waffles and whisper for Nina Probably all of those.