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From the team behind Computer Science for Fun csfn , The Power of Computational Thinking shows that learning to think can be fascinating funYes, and this book shows you howComputational thinking has changed the way we all live, work and play It has changed the way science is done too won wars, created whole new industries and saved lives It is at the heart of computer programming and is a powerful approach to problem solving, with or without computers It is so important that many countries now require that primary school children learn the skillsProfessors Paul Curzon and Peter McOwan of Queen Mary University of London have written a unique and enjoyable introduction They describe the elements of computational thinking such as algorithmic thinking, decomposition, abstraction and pattern matching in an entertaining and accessible way, using magic tricks, games and puzzles, as well as through real and challenging problems that computer scientists work onThis book gives you a head start in learning the skills needed for coding, and will improve your real life problem solving skills It will help you design and evaluate new technologies, as well as understand both your own brain and the digital world in a deeper way Excellent book, from excellent authors. What a fabulous book I m training to teach computer science, and have been following the authors articles on cs4fn.org for the last year In terms of education, they re ahead of their time At the moment, I don t think enough schools appreciate the importance of computational thinking across the curriculum, but in time they will The schools that are switched on to it now will be leading the field in the coming years, and this book is the best starting point I ve come across. I was recommended this book by and it did not disappoint A thought provoking and puzzling book that I ll be reading for a long time Good and prompt delivery O exemplos est o muito claros.Acredito entretanto que poderiam situar melhor o leitor leigo em computa o apresentando exemplos do cotidiano, mostrando que este conhecimento necess rio em situa es mais corriqueiras e que muitos j se saem melhor nas tomadas de decis o e planejamento por terem dom nio Deixando perceber que um conhecimento necess rio e que est ao alcance de todos. Ein wunderbar inspirierendes Buch, das informatisches Fachwissen in verst ndlicher und sehr bildhafter Sprache vermittelt Mich hat es mitunter f r die schulische Medienbildung sehr inspiriert Fundamentale Ideen der Informatik sind in ihrem stabilen Kern recht einfach aufgebaut und haben ber viele Jahrzehnte Bestand, auch wenn die Generationen von neueren schnelleren technologischen Entwicklungen sich einen rasanten Schlagabtausch liefern Ich hoffe, dass das Buch eine grosse Leserschaft erreicht und dazu anregt die aktuellen bildungspolitischen Stossrichtungen nach Tablets f r Kindergarten und Grundschule sehr kritisch und vorallem vor dem Hintergrund einer entwicklungsphasenabh ngigen Entwicklung zu sehen Die Autoren zeigen sch n, wie sich hochwertige informatische Grundbildung begreifen l sst Ganz ohne Strom und ohne Bildschirm.