After the Fire (Hörbuch-Herunterladen): Will Hill, Devon Sorvari, Recorded Bücher: Audible Audiobooks Prime –

In this YA standalone, teenager Moonbeam has spent her life within the confines of a religious organisation Father John controls everything he knows right and wrong, and all the rules people should follow When Moonbeam starts to doubt her faith and life inside The Fence, life takes an unexpected turn What if the only way out of darkness is to light a fire I was really surprised with this book, and really enjoyed it Whilst this is a dark tale that borders on harsh reality, I found myself hooked Moonbeam is a courageous character, and goes through so much I think there is unspoken mental health and PTSD, but if any character could change them self, it s Moonbeam The villain, Father John, is a controlling, abusive man it s heavily implied that he allows rape of his followers and has no qualms about locking them away for not following his rules The narrative swaps between events before and after the fire, and it brings the danger to the forefront This also takes a different slant on religion, but isn t an attack it s thought provoking and psychological There are moments where I was reminded of the video games, Days Gone and Far Cry 5, which isn t necessarily a bad thing I did find the ending slightly predictable and honestly did expect it to be darker in places. A book that shows the power that one person s egotistical desire can have on others The power of manipulation of people s actions and beliefs through the use fear and faith Perhaps we have seen this too many times in real life A thoughtfully written novel, touching many emotions encountered by a variety of characters I would definitely recommend it I also remember Waco. I loved this book I have never read anything cult related and the story told from a teens perspective was particularly thought provoking, younger readers beware there are a number of shocking moments Whilst a Young Adult book this book would easily appeal to older readers and I would highly recommend. I read for my book group but was instantly captivated by the story although didn t realise based on Waco incident until the end As a YAB easy to read and story flowed using Before and After themes Interesting incite into cults and long term effect they have on both adults and children in them particularly when they leave and have to live outside Essentially a story about how one individual can wield power and fear over others and the fall out from that. Beautifully written book which covers uncomfortable topics around cults and children being brought up in them It was chilling and emotional One of my favourite books of the year I love books about cults and this one was fabulously written it has a great heroine, pacy and engaging writing, and an intriguing, twisting plot Inspired by real life events, this novel feels both realistic and harrowing you won t want to put it down I sneakily read some of it at work because I couldn t wait to find out what happened next Love it. A teenager s world is shattered in a devastating confrontation between the cult she grew up in and the forces of the US government Father John controls everything inside The Fence And Father John likes rules Especially about never talking to Outsiders Because Father John knows the truth He knows what is right, and what is wrong He knows what is coming Moonbeam is starting to doubt, though She s starting to see the lies behind Father John s words Then a fire engulfs life as she knew it, and Moonbeam is forced outside The Fence into a world she does not recognize Alternating between Moonbeam s life before the fire, and her time spent in a government sanctioned facility afterward, After the Fire is a fascinating look at life inside a cult and its harrowing effects on survivors I ve been telling everyone that they need to read this book I was drawn in from the very beginning and honestly did not want to put it down I love the characters, love how the story unfolds and loved how it ended I don t cry when reading a book, but After the Fire nearly got me a few times Highly recommended. Enjoyed how it was in parts Before and after There are some very strong characters in this story Took a while to read I did lose interest but enjoyed it for the most part. Couldn t put this book down It was so fascinating imagining what Moonbeam had experienced in the very different place she lived in Loved the way it was formatted with Before and After Great storyline Highly recommend.