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For Introductory And Advanced Courses In PhotographyWhy Is This The Photography Text Year After Year Because No Other Source Teaches Students The Skills They Need To Use The Medium Confidently And Effectively, Emphasizing Both Technique And Visual Awareness

6 thoughts on “Photography: United States Edition

  1. G. Kuijpers G. Kuijpers says:

    This book tries to cover everything and in doing so manages to cover next to nothing 90% of the content can be found for free and in greater and better detail on a plethora of photography related websites.The book only touches the surfaces of every subject and dedicates too much content on old style chemical e.g non digital photography.My biggest waste of money on a book in a long time.

  2. JustMyTwoCents JustMyTwoCents says:

    This is arguably the best all around fundamentals photography book available I believe it is well suited to the photography student, whether you are studying photography or just trying to learn as much as possible.It is very comprehensive and covers the history of photography, equipment, technical aspects, photography as an art, etc Please Look Inside for the table of contents If you are new to photography or want a solid comprehensive understanding of photography, this is a good resource.If you are an advanced photographer, then you probably already know a lot in this book and instead should look for books covering specific topics.This is an expensive book and I probably would not have purchased it if it were not required for a class I was taking However, after reading it, I believe the price is justified There really is a lot of content, and this is a large book with quality content.FILM vs DIGITALSince my workflow is entirely digital, I felt that there was coverage on film than I cared to learn about However, we shot film as well as digital in school, so it was helpful in that respect Also, there are those who like film and so in a way it should be included for comprehensiveness.PHOTOS IN THIS BOOKUnlike some books which only include one example to illustrate a particular point, this book shows a series of shots side by side to help you see how changing various settings impact the image aperture, shutter speed, subject to camera distance, focal length, etc This speeds up your learning curve.This is also a good reference book that you can come back to later when you re trying to capture a specific type of shot or need a refresher.SUMMARYIn summary, I highly recommend this book to anyone aspiring to develop a solid understanding of photography fundamentals.PROS Comprehensive coverage on the history, equipment, technical aspects, composition, portraiture, artistic vision, accomplished photographers, etc Very well written Excellent photos that illustrate the point Series of photos to show the impact of changing settings and variables Excellent diagrams, especially for technical details Good reference book that you ll come back to.CONS Expensive, especially for students, but I think the quantity of quality content eases the pain.

  3. A Reviewer A Reviewer says:

    I have not seen the 10th edition, but I can see a need for an update This edition was definitely written in a transitional time from film to digital photography It has been enjoyable to look back at film and then look forward to digital methods Film was all I knew the last time I really dabbled in photography during high school It is interesting to see that Photoshop builds on history with the dodge and burn tools The book explains those things to you if you do not have actual dark room experience.If you are following along with the Stanford Photography class and need a lower cost edition this is the one to buy.I have enjoyed the introductions to different photographers works and the practical information in the book.The book is older, but not obsolete.Worth buying.

  4. The Dr1ver The Dr1ver says:

    I purchased this book used and in Good condition according to the seller facetextbooks What I received was exactly that There weren t any notes scribbled on it, and the pages weren t worn or spilled on, but the front cover was plastered with electrical tapeUpon further inspection, I realized the tape was covering what used to be library markings Now, I realize that sometimes people buy books from the library, and this wouldn t have bothered me if I was just buying it for myself However, I was giving this book to my sister for Christmas, and she definitely gave me a strange look when she realized it looked like it could have been a stolen library book.That aside, the book itself is excellent, and the content both the information and photographs is unparalleled as far as learning how to properly and perfectly operate a camera is concerned I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to get into photography.

  5. Marlene E. Lebel Marlene E. Lebel says:

    I ordered this book only because it was recommended reading in preparation for the PPA Photographer Certification program But when I started reading it I was surprised to learn so much in depth information about photography in such a clear, concise manner with plenty of photographic diagrams and examples throughout the book And yet somehow the information presented isn t dry or boring I don t know of any other book of photography that covers so many topics to the depth that it is explained I recommend this book to anyone and everyone that does photography.

  6. Charity Reed Charity Reed says:

    I purchased this book for myself to help me study for the Certified Professional Photographers exam The book was a VITAL tool for studying for the exam I can truly say I would not have passed the exam on the first time if I had not used this book to study I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to get into photography as a career GREAT, AMAZING book LOVE IT.