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Orthodoxy Claims To Be Universal Since Its First Publication Fifty Years Ago, Timothy Ware S Book Has Become Established Throughout The English Speaking World As The Standard Introduction To The Orthodox Church Orthodoxy Continues To Be A Subject Of Enormous Interest Among Western Christians, And The Author Believes That An Understanding Of Its Standpoint Is Necessary Before The Roman Catholic And Protestant Churches Can Be Reunited In This Revised And Updated Edition He Explains The Orthodox Views On Such Widely Ranging Matters As Ecumenical Councils, Sacraments, Free Will, Purgatory, The Papacy And The Relation Between The Different Orthodox Churches

8 thoughts on “The Orthodox Church: An Introduction to Eastern Christianity

  1. philip duffin philip duffin says:

    This is an excellent introduction to the Eastern Orthodox Churches It has been revised and is very clear and concise As a Catholic myself I was struck by what Catholics and the orthodox churches have in common and that they are very close in doctrines especially about the Holy Eucharist However there are still outstanding differences which will have be dealt with before there is a full reunion of these two ancient churches I highly recommend this book by timothy ware.

  2. adaptations.se Customer adaptations.se Customer says:

    It gives a good overview of Orthodox Christianity OC I had no idea about OC But now I know at least the historical background of it and its theology So it is a good introduction to people who need fundamental knowledge of OC.The theology part could have been elaborated so that I could learn a bit .I am an evangelical Christian, holding many different views from OC However, I think the value of church history would benefit individual Christian if they truly understand it I also think there is a trend that the edge of denominations is getting blurred there is a chance that Christians of different background could learn from each other after overcoming biases.

  3. RosyK RosyK says:

    Love this book It s easy to read for interest or serious study By the end of the book, you will want to find out Ware was ordained an Orthodox priest, so he writes with a bias towards his church, but still fascinating.

  4. Andreia Azevedo Andreia Azevedo says:

    What a beautiful and informative book to someone that is starting their journey on Orthodoxy like me Really recommend as a gift

  5. Dafne Dafne says:


  6. CT CT says:

    Far too much intricate detail for an introduction, but a fascinating read

  7. David S Welham David S Welham says:

    An informative and readable introduction to the controversies of the early church and to Orthodoxy Mostly scholarly sometimes amusingly partisan.

  8. BrendanNI BrendanNI says: