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Presents The History Of Photography From The Daguerreotypes Of The Mid S To Its Acceptance As An Art Form And

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  1. John Williamson John Williamson says:

    In this age of digital imaging we sometimes forget that photography has some long and deep roots that go back to the first half of the nineteenth century That s the theme ofPhotography An Illustrated Historyby Pulitzer Prize nominated author Martin W Sandler in his book for young adults I bought this book for my son some years back when he was just becoming interested in photography The book was an excellent shared experience for both of us, and it s a book that we still have.To say that this title is the definitive authority on the history of the art and craft of photography would be a stretch, but it s an excellent start for younger people who are just beginning to show interest in photography Author Sandler take us from the early days of Louis Daguerre, the French physicist and artist who invented the daguerreotype process of photography, and introduces us to George Eastman, the American innovator who founded the Eastman Kodak Company, invented roll film, and helped to bring photography to the masses We meet such pioneering photographers as Edward Steichen, Alfred Stieglitz, Margaret Bourke White, and others, each who played an important part in the growth of the art and science that we know as photography today The images on these pages are iconic.If there was anything to fault in this book is that it just barely touches on digital photography and digital image manipulation The author touches on Fuji and Sony introducing the first digital cameras for consumer use and the 1990 introduction of Adobe Photoshop, but that s about where it stops It s a shame that Martin Sandler hasn t updated this title, as the way that he presents his topics can be quite engaging.As an interesting side note, this reader had a chance a few months ago to peruse throughPhotography An Illustrated History Oxford Illustrated Histories in the Kindle edition, and it was quite well done, with nicely done photos and images from the earlier printed book This may be the best way to buy this book if you have a Kindle.Martin Sandler continues to write informative books for young adults HisKennedy Through the Lens How Photography and Television Revealed and Shaped an Extraordinary Leaderwas released in 2011, and it provides us with a unique photographic insight into the life of this American president as part of his ongoing Through the Lens series.Apart from the lack of information on the digital cameras of today,Photography An Illustrated Historyis an excellent book, and one that is truly an excellent introduction to the roots of photography for young adults.9 3 2012

  2. Earl Mcgehee Earl Mcgehee says:

    The Kindle includes all the pictures and the color ones are in color The page layout is similar to the printed book and is very usable This book is a great bargain on the Kindle It is full of great photos from famous photographers.

  3. I. N. Berg I. N. Berg says:

    I like Sandlers history He tells a fluent story He describes the evolution through talking about the persons making the discoveries and the photographers developing seeing There are quotes and backgrounds This sets his book apart from others I ve read It makes it a lively and interesting read and the history is easier to remember.Every page has excellent reproductions, even the index pages.

  4. Rachel Nolan Rachel Nolan says:

    Concise but very interesting Lots of photos A quick read and covers lots of relevant material for its short length.

  5. Wesley Metts Wesley Metts says:

    This book is full of interesting facts about cameras If you enjoy photography and find it neat, you will love this book I found it intriguing how they have evolved from a box where you had to trace the image, to being able to capture light and color all from the push of a button You should really give this book a shot Why Because odds are you have a camera smart phone in your pocket, and you don t know as much about it as you think.