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For One Or Two Semester Courses In The History Of PhotographyMary Warner Marien Has Constructed A Richer And Kaleidoscopic Account Of The History Of Photography Than Has Previously Been Available Her Comprehensive Survey Shows Compellingly How Photography Has Sharpened, If Not Altered Forever, Our Perception Of The WorldThe Book Was Written To Introduce Students To Photography It Does Not Require That Students Possess Any Technical Know How And Can Be Taught Without Referring To Techniques In Photography Incorporating The Latest Research And International Uses Of Photography, The Text Surveys The History Of Photography In Such A Way That Students Can Gauge The Medium S Long Term Multifold Developments And See The Historical And Intellectual Contexts In Which Photographers Lived And Worked It Also Provides A Unique Focus On Contemporary Photo Based Work And Electronic Media

8 thoughts on “Photography: A Cultural History

  1. Jess Jess says:

    This large book is invaluable if you are studying photography at University level, which I am It gives you an insight into photography over a vast period of time, and is written in detail, but in a clear and simple format, and opens your eyes to subjects you may never have thought to look at before The balance between text and photography is good, and I would highly recommend it to anyone who has a serious interest in photography.

  2. Emil Nilsson Emil Nilsson says:

    This book is 568 pages, I expected it to be big, but after finding it in my mailbox Well, it s humongous, sizewise it s a very big book.Obviously I have not read all of it, and I do not expect to do so in quite a while, because this book is f ing huge.I Intend to use it for future university studies, and for that purpose it most certainly is brilliant, it seems to cover most of the photograph s very large history, great source material.Bought it for 10 , shipping included, much bang for buck.

  3. MrsOneWattle MrsOneWattle says:

    A must have for any photography students from A Level upwards a comprehensive image packed book with interesting easy to read texts Essential

  4. I. G. Wright I. G. Wright says:

    A very thorough, clearly written book with excellent production values A great overview for anyone interested in photography and its relationship to society.

  5. Tom Ang Tom Ang says:

    Enjoyable, well written, well illustrated with some surprises, erudite though weak on technicalities actually, ignores much of modern development Nonetheless, highly recommended.

  6. George Redgrave George Redgrave says:

    One of the must have books of the history of photography

  7. T. Moreira T. Moreira says:

    For those who want to expand their knowledge in the history of photography this is a great book do buy.

  8. M. Gorman M. Gorman says:

    Terrific condition