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Very readable introduction to Eastern Orthodox spirituality I have read many books on the Orthodox church and would rate this very highly Wondeful. A perfect introduction to Eastern Orthodox Theology. Excellent book, lived up to my expectations. Introduction Who Are The Orthodox Thinking And Doing, Being And Praying Where Do We Start Who Is God The Doctrine Of The Holy Trinity Apophatic Theology Creation Wisdom Of God Sophia Angels And Humankind What Went Wrong Sin And Death Who Is Christ The Life Of Christ The Paschal Mystery Christology What Is It To Be Human Being In The Image Of God Icons And Sacraments The Place Of Matter In The Divine Economy Time And The Liturgy Where Are We Going The Last Things And Eternal Life Great book Well, I ve really enjoyed reading Andrew Louth s little introduction Louth is clearly quite passionate about his tradition and provides a very engaging and quite personal account What struck me quite strongly coming from an Anglican perspective , is just how surprising alien some aspects of the tradition appear to be, especially Christian materialism and the use of ikons the use of these is justified by arguments to do with the Incarnation The use of Scripture differs quite strongly too.It is hard not to make comparisons I would have thought Anglicanism enlightened , but Louth is a little critical of the Western tradition don t be too upset by that, he is bold and loves his tradition and why not You get a sense that this is a tradition that makes full use of ancient written sources in a way that the western churches certainly do not The liturgy is also fully developed, and therefore not vague You also get a sense that this is a tradition that one can t be half hearted about one can be a casual Anglican, but the same wouldn t apply here.It is my guess that in the western traditions, the impact of Augustine is strongly felt, and there is therefore salvation anxiety perhaps not helped by Calvin but the Orthodox church seems to have escaped this it is less individualistic.But we Anglicans are keen to see our towns won for Jesus we don t yet feel convinced that the use of ikons will have much of a role in this. Very good introduction to Orthodox Theology