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A lot of first rate photo s that could be one reason for buying it, there is not a great deal of writing but just enough to keep you interested, you will feel like howling with appreciation. I bought this for my grand daughterwho is 4 years old and she loves it it s easy to follow written well and pictures are stunning.. I ordered this book for my son before he could read for himself, and I think he was just too young for it at the time The photographs of wolves in the wild are beautiful and interesting, but there is only one large photo for each page of text My little boy kept wanting to flip to the next page before I was finished reading because there are several paragraphs of information per page and reading it took longer than his attention span could handle.The book is informative and good for kids who are interested in wildlife, plus it has a conservationist message There were bits of info I thought were interesting, such as the different subspecies of wolves in North America, the fact that packs have both an Alpha and a Beta wolf, and about wolf dog hybrids that are sometimes kept as pets The author says this is dangerous due to the wolf personality being unsuited for domestication.Even though my child was a bit too young for the book, it s still an interesting wildlife book I d recommend for children approximately ages 7 11. purchased as a Christmas gift for my 8 year old who loves wolvesthis is listed as a core friendly book and in my state the core standards are all over the place my daughter reads 2 levels above her grade, and i feel safe in saying that she will still enjoy this book and the facts in it I feel confident purchasing a book from the Smithsonian for her in hopes that she may learn something new about her favorite animals The pictures are good, and the reading is fairly easy. Beautifully done as a combination of full page color pictures with large print on the opposing page Engaging for young an old who like their information served up with great big color pictures like I do This was a great book for my son who had heard me explain that our domesticated dogs were descended from wolves and how it was a shame that so many people feared them instead of cherishing them as part of the whole ecosystem and beautiful in their own right. Bought Wolves for our grandson, who thoroughly enjoyed, and continues to enjoy this book Excellent information and beautiful pictures that combine to tell an incredible story about these fabulous, though feared and misunderstood, creatures From young to old this book is sure to fascinate and please any reader. this is a great book My eight year old boys love it The pictures are lovely and the boys are able to read it on their own I definitely recommend it. Follows The Life Cycle Of Wolves, From Their Birth, Through Their Early Months Of Growth And Development, To Their Daily Lives As Adults