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I was looking for an in depth guide to the D600, this book is not it The menus on the D600 are so extensive that I thought a deeper concise review would help Unfortunately this book dwells far too much on general photography and offers no specific D600 recommendations Probably ideal for beginners who have bought the D600 in error, but experienced SLR users will already know a lot of this stuff. Great introduction to the camera It s about taking photos than a manual for your D600 but that s good because you can take a lot of what s in the book into practice instead of just reading function X and function Y which you will soon forget.Would recommend to anyone with a Nikon camera that has similar features to D600 On D7000, D700 etc, the tips in the book should help. When I purchased the D600 I was rather disappointed with the manual so I purchased this book thinking it would go into depth about the functions etc on the D600, well it s worse The book is a general guide to the D600 and a general guide to basic photography. just whot i wanted very satisfied will help a lot to enlighten my ignurence and will enable me to improve my work I m still going through this book as of this writing, but it s full of good, solid information, and complements very well the camera s manual In fact, you would also use your lens manuals helped me find where my aperature shutter controls were NOT where you expect if you re old school Solid resource, and would recommend. I recently upgraded to the D600 and wanted to also upgrade my photography skills I bought Mr Sylvan s book and read it front to back and unlike many other such books, this one was easy to read and provided the info I needed on how raise my skills I feel much comfortable and knowledgeable after reading this book and feel it was well worth the money Rob s writing style is down to earth, with very little techno babble, so that even a novice like me could understand I had bought the FS2GS for my D7000 and was certainly pleased with my education in learning how to use the D7000 to its potential..and when I upgraded to the D600, this was the first book that I felt would bring me to the same level of expertise It did not disappoint Created Expressly For The Beginning Photographerno Matter What Camera You Might Be UsingPeachpit Press S Bestselling From Snapshots To Great Shotsbooks Teach You The Core Fundamentals Of Photography, And Show You Exactly How To Execute Those Fundamentals With Your CameraNow That Youve Bought The Amazing Nikon D, You Need A Book That Goes Beyond A Tour Of The Cameras Features To Show You Exactly How To Use The Camera To Take Great Pictures With Nikon D From Snapshots To Great Shots, You Get The Perfect Blend Of Photography Instruction And Camera Reference That Will Take Your Images To The Next Level Beautifully Illustrated With Large, Vibrant Photos, This Book Covers Basic Techniques Of Beginning Photography While Walking You Through The Unique Functions And Characteristics Of The D Follow Along With Your Friendly And Knowledgeable Guide, Photographer And Author Rob Sylvan, And You Will Learn The Top Ten Things You Need To Know About Shooting With The DUse The Cameras Automatic Modes To Get Better Shots Right AwayMove On To The Professional Zone, Where You Have Full Control Over The Look And Feel Of Your ImagesMaster The Photographic Basics Of Composition, Focus, Depth Of Field, And Much Learn All The Best Tricks And Techniques For Getting Great Action Shots, Landscapes, And PortraitsFind Out How To Get Great Shots In Low LightUse The HD Video Capability For Recording Memorable Live ActionFully Grasp All The Concepts And Techniques As You Go, With Assignments At The End Of Every ChapterAnd Once Youve Got The Shot, Show It Off Join The Books Flickr Group, Share Your Photos, And Discuss How You Use Your D To Get Great Shots At Flickr Groups Dfromsnapshotstogreatshots Its fairly good I ordered it online so really never got to see it before ordering Covers things ok but I would have liked details