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Growing Up On The Aegean Coast, Ozge Loved The Sea And Imagined A Life Of Adventure While Her Parents And Society Demanded Predictability Her Dad Expected Ozge, Like Her Sister, To Become An Engineer She Tried To Hear Her Own Voice Over His And The Religious And Militaristic Tensions Of Turkey And The Conflicts Between Secularism And Fundamentalism Could She Be A Scuba Diver Like Jacques Cousteau A Stage Actress Would It Be Possible To Please Everyone Including Herself In Her Unpredictable And Funny Graphic Memoir, Ozge Recounts Her Story Using Inventive Collages, Weaving Together Images Of The Sea, Politics, Science, And Friendship

8 thoughts on “Dare to Disappoint: Growing Up in Turkey

  1. Ozgur Cevik Ozgur Cevik says:

    I am not sure why the book is only for English readers, who might think why would I be interested in a comic book about a life in Turkey in 80 s But as a person who grown up in the same city and years with the writer, I can tell that this book makes you find something about yourself and your life, your dreams, your failures, your success regardless which country you from And I ll guarantee that you will have a smile on your face when do this Plus side for me, it took me those years and I had similar conversations with my parents, similar things happened to me and I realized that yes I have grown up as dare to disappoint as well This book is cleverly written with very good illustrations Big well done and massive thank you to Ozge Samanci

  2. Humbly Yours Humbly Yours says:

    This is a wonderful book amusing, insightful, charmingly honest and heart warmingly uplifting It will inevitably have a special resonance for those are interested in Turkey but it also works as a delightful coming of age story a tale of self discovery about daring not just to risk disappointing others expectations but to follow one s own dreams To be honest, I was initially sceptical about the format, particularly about whether Samanci could sustain a narrative that would be both entertaining and say something meaningful But I was wrong Not only did I have great difficulty putting the book down I read it in two sessions on successive days but, when I got to the end, I was left wondering how she could have said what she wanted to say in any other way As I said above, this is a simply wonderful book.

  3. S. Ozsoy S. Ozsoy says:

    Loved this book Heart warming, especially for those of us who lived the childhood Ms Samanci had lived It would be unfair to claim that it is just about growing up in Turkey during the 80s, though It is recommendable for everyone, who has been someone s daughter, someone s sister or someone s best friend For all those who dared searching for a purpose in life.

  4. Fahri Karakas Fahri Karakas says:

    This is a heart warming and rich story about the wonders and the challenges of being grown up Although it particularly resonates well with those who know the Turkish context, this creative book is a masterclass in visual storytelling that captures your mind and your heart.

  5. Annushka Annushka says:

    It was a gift to a woman who grew up in Turkey around the same time period She loved the book

  6. Customer Customer says:

    Excellent work It s like a brief story of turkey in the 80 s and early 90 s.

  7. Jim Wilson Jim Wilson says:

    I loved this book It is a great novel about childhood and adolescence Facing up to reality, making difficult decisions and taking chances.Having spent time in Turkey teaching English in the 1990s, it brought back a lot of memories What she manages to do in 180 pages of illustration would take a novelist many thousands of words.I hope Ozge creates a sequel about moving to America next

  8. Alev Haddadieh Alev Haddadieh says:

    Having grown up in the same era I have thoroughly enjoyed this well written and drawn book She has given a sober and true account count of life in Turkey. We all have the Ozge an Ozlem within us..