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Restless And Rudderless That S How Paul Hawker Felt, Mid S, Mid Life, Mid Career Despite His Success As A Tv Documentary Film Maker, His Wonderful Family And Enviable Lifestyle, He Still Felt Pangs Of Melancholy What He Needed, He Decided, Was An Opportunity To Stretch Himself Both Physically And Spiritually And So, With All The Necessary Mountain Gear And Enough Food For Days, He Set Out Alone Into The Treacherous Tararua Mountains In New Zealand Soul Survivor Is A Passionately Honest Account Of Paul Hawker S Attempt To Hear God S Voice And Obey It His Quest Brought Him Moments Of Exhilaration And Remarkable Spiritual Insightand Moments Of Near Disaster His Book Is Not Only A Great Adventure Story But Also A Remarkable Account Of A Spiritual Search To Satisfy All Who Long For A Deeper Reality In Life Quotations In The Margins From Writers, Philosophers And Spiritual Guides Also Provide Food For Thought Throughout The Book

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    It s a very honest book about the unbelievable things available to everyone on the planet if we just slow down a bit and let the magic happen Inspirational.


    Awesome Life altering It makes you wish you d read it twenty years ago.

  3. Mike Crowl Mike Crowl says:

    I m not the sort of person who enjoys isolation in a non urban setting for than a few hours, so I don t much empathise with Hawker s decision to spend 40 days alone with God and Nature.Further, not many of us would have the time, or the spiritual drive, to want to spend 40 days without books, paper, or any other form of distraction And in Wellington s Tararua Mountain range, to boot However, his spiritual pilgrimage did touch me deeply.Hawker had reached a time in his life when, in spite of having a great family and a successful documentary filmmaking career, he felt hollow inside He saw himself as the sort of person who needs to work at life full bore in case others discover how unlovable he really is He enjoyed people, but also delighted in solitude though as a responsible family man he d had few opportunities to experience it The mid life urging of his soul gave him the motivation not only to go into solitude but also to strive to hear God s voice.In the first few days he was forced to stay in one area due to his feet blistering under the unaccustomed weight of an extremely heavy pack, and during that time he discovered some criteria for discerning whether what he was hearing was from God, from his own mind, or from some other source He lists these criteria in an appendix, and makes no claim that the list is complete, or that he always got it right Back in civilization he relies also on other mentors to help him discern It s interesting to compare his idea of what God was saying to him with the series of books, Conversations With God, by Neale Donald Walsch, in which Walsch s God sometimes seems to dismiss traditional spirituality, yet endorses and embraces some new age ideas Hawker is cautious about what he hears, rejoices when he understands, and revels not only in the extraordinary beauty of nature, but in his deepening relationship with God And even God comes to seem too small a word for the overwhelming greatness he experiences, since not only in one focused moment does he see Christ, but he also gains an increasing appreciation of just how enormously he is loved.And this being loved isn t just some simple thing in Chapter 17, Hawker describes how God asked him to describe his life in detail, and nudged him continually, almost provoked him to dig into all sorts of matters and events Hawker had regarded as trivial In doing so he realised that God is intensely interested in minutist personal components of our lives Hawker s background is Christian, but his book has the ability to reach beyond the Christian scene, to anyone who feels a mid life hole in their centre, or is trying to understand the spiritual element of their journey.

  4. misty@mosman.com misty@mosman.com says:

    Finding his life wanting and following the advise of an old friend the author determines to return to his spiritual routes in the high country of New Zealand He prepares himself in a beautiful lowland river valley with several days of intense meditation and observation of thoughts.Without the intrusion of everyday madness and in the company of only natural entities and by dint of strict discipline he gradually peels back, bit by bit, the cultural mask He discovers a strong inner voice and rediscovers the voices of angels.When he gains the physical and mental strength he begins to scale the mountain.The journey is described from both inner and outer perspectives and strongly reminded me of the books by Carlos Castenada without the peyote.The strength of this book is that it is not just another spiritual how to rather a simple diary of one mans journey into himself and a fitting reminder to us all in this inreasingly hyped up technological age to make time for ourselves constantly to reconnect both with our spiritual selves and the natural order

  5. S. Koenigsberg S. Koenigsberg says:

    The person who wrote the scathing character assassination in 2005 needs to identify him or herself to be credible Otherwise it is a cowardly act to write such a thing and hide in the shadows of Internet secrecy.

  6. Graeme Graeme says:

    I know Paul Hawker personally He is a hypocrite, a liar and a cheat If these are the type of qualities in a person that you are trusting to tell you how to discern Gods voice then this is the book for you.