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Diary Entries By The American Novelist And Transcendentalist Reveal His Fascination With Nature, Dreams, Writing, And Ordinary Individuals

4 thoughts on “New Suns Will Arise: From the Journals of Henry David Thoreau

  1. thecrwth thecrwth says:

    I would recommend this for some one looking to explore some of Thoreau without tripping over some of his verboeness He has great pearls of wisdom for which you must hunt in his full works Mind you that is worth it However, this books has many all in one to view quickly Also a great book to get the meditative juices flowing.

  2. Rick Endris Rick Endris says:

    Beautiful book, excellent condition Thoreau and Dugdale are prtfect together.

  3. Rachel Cohn Rachel Cohn says:

    A must have for a Thoreau fan The quotes are great, and the pictures are taken with such artistry that it feels like one is exploring at Walden.


    It is obvious that the present day photographer, John Dugdale, has been greatly influenced by the 19th century Transcendentalist writer, Henry David Thoreau In this superb book of Dugdale s photographs and selections from Thoreau s journals, it is as if the writings were done specifically for the images, not over 100 years previously.Dugdale has, for many years, been one of my favorite photographers He uses a process for printing his photographs called cyanotype which was invented during the time that Thoreau lived and worked The wonderful elegance and simplicity of his subjects and images fits perfectly with Thoreau s philosophies of life Dugdale, because of HIV, is 80% blind, but, somehow, uses what sight he has combined with a pure spirituality and sight beyond the physical to create images of rare beauty.So, we see a single rose alongside these words of Thoreau Love is the burden of all Nature s odes A still life of flowers, two birds, which may be made of milk glass, and a human hand are viewed with Thoreau s Perhaps what most moves us in winter is some reminiscence of far off summer a solitary man with one hand against an old, tall tree by a pond and a field are perfect for Thoreau s Live in each season as it passes breathe the air, drink the drink, taste the fruit, and resign yourself to the influences of each And perhaps most moving of all, part of the back of a nude man is used with Thoreau s My life was ecstasy In youth, before I lost any of my senses, I can remember that I was all alive, and inhabited my body with inexpressible satisfactionThe book begins with two short, wonderfully written appreciations of the artists by Frank Crocitto.This collection is magnificent beyond any contemporary words HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.