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With The Stereoscopic Viewer Provided With T He Book, Viewing D Photographs Has Never Been Easier And O Ffers An Intriguing And Scary Look Into The Insect World Ea Ch Photo Has A Brief Caption Describing The Creature And Its Habits Despite advances in technology, there is no technique effective in simulating 3D than the century old strategy of using two cameras and a viewer If you ve never seen it done before, this book will blow your mind The macro photography is impressive enough on its own, but combine it with the stereoscopic viewing and it s absolutely captivating We are very lucky that the technology can be reproduced so well in an inexpensive way.I ve had this book for a decade I m going to get the others in the series on. Mark Blum is clearly a very talented and skillful nature photographer His books, including BUGS IN 3 D, are all FABULOUS I can t recommend this book highly enough In BUGS IN 3 D, you will be shrunk to the size of a grasshopper, taken off to exotic forests, and introduced face to face to some really amazing insects It is just like entering their world INCREDIBLE The photography is exquisite The 3 D stereo effect is remarkable The subject is fascinating The price is bargain There are NO negatives about this book Children, parents, science students, naturalists I can t think of anybody who won t love this book BUY IT This is a fabulous book for insect and photography enthusiasts alike The 3 D effect is so real it is like the bugs are sitting on your nose My 14 year old nephew likes the book and so do my adult friends All of Blum s 3 D books are highly recommended. BUGS in 3 DI highly recommended this book for school children and adults alike.I was introduced to one of Blum s books by a friend and liked it so much that I sought out and bought all of his 3D books I find the price so reasonable that I ve since bought to give as gifts.I enjoy looking at the 3 D photos as much as my seven year old son so I already know several adults as well as children who will be getting this book as a gift.The technical quality of the photos and printing of the books is very good A magnifying, stereo viewer is built into a unique bi fold cover of the book A little research showed that this idea is well over a hundred years old like stereo photography but I still find it very innovative because it is so rare and unusual.The photographer has an inspired eye and top technical skill The macro photography is amazing If you buy this book hold it high with your head back when you look at the close up of the Zebra Tarantula plate 4 It will freak you out like your about to be eaten Then go to plate 40 and look at the beautiful butterfly.The writing accompanying each image adds to the photos with just the right amount of scientific and general information to serve both young and old reader I like this book very much and I hope you find this review helpful I recommend looking for the other 3 D books by Blum They are all great