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Beginning With Buber S Seminal Essay On Mysticism, This Book Offers Texts Down The Centuries From Oriental, Pagan, Gnostic, Eastern Orthodox, Catholic, Jewish And Muslim Sources It Aims To Convey Some Quality Of An Experience That Is Essentially Beyond The Power Of Words To Capture

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  1. Kerry Walters Kerry Walters says:

    This is one of those rare anthologies that is worth its price for the editor s introductory remarks than for the anthologized essays Don t misunderstand me Buber does a wonderful job of selecting mystical ecstatic confessions from the world s religious traditions He includes passages from writers such as Rumi, Rabia, Symeon the New Theologian, Hildegard of Bingen, the Beguines, Julian of Norwich, and Catherine of Siena, as well as representative selections from works such as the Mahabharata For the most part the selections are judicious although, because the book was published in 1909, twentieth century mystics such as Simone Weil and Thomas Kelley naturally aren t included Curiously, too, only a tiny snippet from Meister Eckhart makes it into Buber s book.But what really makes the book invaluable is Buber s Introduction, in which he spells out his distinction between the commotion that distracts us from a unitive experience of God and the nature of the unity sought by the mystics The distinction is one that, under the guise of other terms such as many and one is well known in mystical literature But Buber s beautiful prose, and especially his sensitivity to the importance of silence, are unmatchable Here s an example p 7 Silence is our symbolon which protects us from the gods and angels of the commotion, our guard against its aberrations, our purification against its purity We ensilence our experience, and it is a star that travels along its path We speak it, and it is thrown down under the thread of the market.A book that deserves to be better known.

  2. Marie-Henri Beyle Marie-Henri Beyle says:

    A fantastic collections of pieces from various traditions, also of immense significance for the ad ventures of the great novelist, philosopher, scientist, essayist Robert Musil.