BOOKS ✮ Towards Mystical Union: a Modern Commentary on the Mystical Text 'The Interior Castle' by St Teresa of Avila Author Julienne McLean –

Very well written elucidation of a valuable text. This Book Seeks To Encourage And Assist Modern Pilgrims To A Contemplative And Intimate Relationship With God Through Presenting And Exploring St Teresa Of Avila S Classic Work, The Interior Castle As Well As Being A Manual For Spiritual Direction, Towards Mystical Union Explores The Relationship Between Depth Psychology, Contemplative Prayer, And Christian Mysticism Julienne McLean Is A Practicing Psychologist And Jungian Analyst In North London She Teaches At Sarum College, Salisbury And Is Also A Spiritual Director For all who have tried to understand Teresa of Avila s mansions, the book Towards Mystical Union will assist in grasping what Teresa is trying to say Written by a Jungian analyst, the text is readable and very enlightening as to a modern comprehension of Teresa s experiences with God I found myself heartened by McLean s exposition, and not giving up on Teresa s writings as a result of reading this book. The book arrived before the estimated time I am willing to return to this vendor in the future. The current interest in mysticism has created a demand for books on mystical theology which explore the interface between modern depth psychology, spirituality and mystical tradition If the author is suitably gifted, the book may be a manual for spiritual direction This is such a book.The writer has an outstanding ability to draw together different approaches to mysticsl theology, and the many aspects of a personal relationship to God Her style is admirably clear, displaying command of the several necessary disciplines, and an understanding and sympathetic heart While some extended metaphors become a little strained, this also happened to Teresa Mystical Union is a book whose challenges, insights and felicities I have greatly enjoyed But I won t be lending my copy to friends just yet, as I know that I will want to return to it continually. This is an excellent read, providing good input for each stage of the mansion, however the edition I received had a whole section duplicated in the binding, with the section from 224 onwards missing An unusual problem these days.