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Teens Love To Take Pictures Of Their Friends, Their Families, Their Dogs, Their Noses Now They Can Get Serious With Click, The First How To Photography Book Written By Teens For Teens The Author Is Eighteen Year Old Charlie Styr, Assisted By Writer And Photography Editor Maria Wakem And The Book Is Illustrated With Than Photos Taken By Teen Photographers Around The World After Discovering Basic Equipment, Composition And Lighting, Readers Explore High Interest Techniques, From Portraits To Action, Macro, Shooting At Night, Special Effects And , With Styr S Clear How To Advice Plus Sample Photos By Teens Tips From New And Established Pros, Including Industry Veteran Art Wolfe, Pulitzer Prize Winner Vincent Laforet, National Geographic Photographer David McLain And Celebrity Photographer Chris Buck, Bring Great Photographs Totally Within Reach Ready Set Click

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  1. J C LYNCH J C LYNCH says:

    Attracted attention from Teens on my course.Pictures were worth 5 minutes because Teens do have short attention span and the text was not appealing at all.

  2. Simon Bunting Simon Bunting says:

    Click proclaims that it is The first ever how to photography book for teens, by teens To a great extent I agree however I believe that it is ideal guide for a anyone, not just teens, even remotely interested in photography Click takes you from the essential basics of photography such as Composition The rule of thirds and Lighting through to subjects to photograph such as pets, yourself and the landscape to finally retouching your images and what to do with them after you ve photographed them such as entering them into competitions and selling them.Sections in the book1 The Basics You Need to Know Camera, Lens, Flash, Exposure, Accessories, tech terms, composition and lastly lighting.2 Portrait Photography isolating the subject, composition, revealing a persons character, Photographing subjects Indoor, Outdoor and in the Night, photographing Pets, Groups and finally yourself 3.Nature and Landscape Photography The Basics, Urban and Night Landscapes, Photographing animals and insects and taking photos underwater 4.Sports and Action Photography Photographing the right moment and sequences, Panning to add Motion Blur 5 Photojournalism and Documentary Photography Telling a Story through your Photos, Taking Pictures of Day to Day moments, Travel Photography 6 What to do after capture Why Alter an Image , Basic Retouching Tips Cropping, Saturation and Levels to Releasing your Inner Artist 7 Getting Your Pictures Seen Photo Competition and Selling your Photos I particularly enjoyed the fifth chapter on Photojournalism as I loved some of the stories that the photos told I especially loved the photograph on the first page of the section Shooting Everyday Moments pg 110 with a pair of pink well used converses sitting on a window ledge in my opinion waiting to be taken outside.Top Things I learnt From ClickHow to photograph a sequence didn t know before in fact about photographing a sequence Not to use a flash when photographing underwater as the water particles become visible but rather a strobe.What a Diptchs is two related photos next to each other That you can create some good photos by combing film and digital techniques.My Rating10 Out of 10I found this book a very pleasant read that was easy to understand and follow, and so I believe it fully deserves 10 Out of 10 I think it has greatly improved my photography, particularly the creative side and it will certainly improve your photography too The book feels smooth and nice to touch and the printing quality is excellent The example photos throughout the book are all stunning I find it really hard to believe that all the photos where taken by amateur teen photographers , very inspirational and illustrate the points very well.I think that even if you didn t read a single word of this book although I highly recommend you do this book with it s great photos will firstly motivate you to go out and take some photographs and secondly change the way you see the world You will start to see photographic opportunities everywhere around you

  3. kb01 kb01 says:

    A fabulous guide to photography for any age group Perfect for someone picking up the camera for the first time or someone interested in improving their photographs Also has some great tips and tricks for people used to playing around with camera settings.This book is full of beautiful examples that illustrate the point of the discussion and also contrasts them with what not to do for other examples.The pictures have been extremely well chosen by the authors offering variety and inspiration It is hard to believe that every photograph was taken by an amateur teenage photographer.You are bound to learn something new from this book even if you are a keen photographer already.The photographs are phenomenal, but the explanations for various techniques, the various things a photographer can do with the camera to achieve a certain point purpose, and the intent behind a picture are clear, direct, and equally important to this book as well.An inspiration to all

  4. Jackson T. Jackson T. says:

    I saw this book at Urban Outfitters and thought the photos were great and very stylized I thought this would go in depth into how each shot was taken but it offers nothing than standard EXIF data such as exposure and focal length The book covers photography basics, which wasn t much use to me While it s always nice to have a refresher course on the simple things, this wasn t quite what I expected as it said nothing about the technique and setup of the enclosed photos.

  5. Burley Brent Thomas Burley Brent Thomas says:

    If you know your way around the digital camera already then skip to the next level, but if you want some pretty trendy and seemingly complex camera instruction worded for the casual teen and us adult beginners then this is spot on it s the guide to taking the pics you bought the camera for in the first place check it out

  6. Katie G. Katie G. says:

    I bought this book as a gift for my sister who likes photography I knew it was risky not being able to see the content preview, but I loved the cover and thought it d make a cool coffee table book if nothing else When I received it in the mail, however, instead of the edgy modern cover with Chinese ideographs as shown , my copy had a super lame text book looking cover with a skateboarder s shoe instead Really disappointed and would return it in a minute if the return fee weren t essentially the price of the book.As to the content, the text has 7 sections of pretty good but general information The photos inside are cool, but nothing spectacular, and the layout is lacking.3 stars for unimpressed, but it s probably a decent book for starting out photographers.