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This Collection Of Writings By Matthew The Poor Focuses On The Living Christ Of History His Nativity, Passion, Resurrection, Ascension, And Relation To The Church And The Holy Spirit In Dogmatic And Ascetical Theology Revealing The Essence Of The Christian Life In Simple Yet Profound Images, Matthew S Discourses On Humility, Repentance, Asceticism, Fasting, Suffering, And Unity Convey The Gospel Message In Powerful Terms To Modern Man

6 thoughts on “The Communion of Love

  1. Alex Alex says:

    All books by Father Matta al Meskeen are the best Deep, meaningful, new, rooted, pure spirituality and touch of GodI wish there will be translated into English

  2. alan alan says:

    Matthew the poor has a message that needs to be heard Not everything he says may have to be agreed upon, especially by the Protestant segment of the church, but what he does have to say for the most part is heart wrenching His thoughts from the first chapter to his chapters on repentance and all the way to the end of the book reveal a man who has lived with God unlike few have ever lived I would encourage anyone to get this book if they are hungry for deeper truth and also desire to know about the Orthodox view of theology The first chapter changed my life than most books I ve read out there For that reason alone would I greatly recommend this book.

  3. Adel Y. Abdelmalak Adel Y. Abdelmalak says:

    I have no than saying that this is a very high and unique extremely profound style of Christian writing by an author who is commonly described as a Christian school for his many writings and oral teaching on different aspects of Christianity The writer is a Coptic monk who spent most of his life in prayers in the deserts of Egypt You really need to read this book AND EVEN before this you may want to read his first book a masterpiece titled ORTHODOX PRAYER LIFE The Interior Way published by St Vladimir s Seminary Press Thanks to for making these available for that reasonable price.Wish you all the best.Adel the Copts are currently the christians of Egypt mostly Orthodox and they are the descendants of the Ancient Egyptians Different from the Arab of Egypt the words Copt and Egypt are mainly derived from the Greek word Aiguptos different from the current Arabic name of Egypt Misr which means country in Arabic.

  4. J. Folk J. Folk says:

    Matthew the Poor strikes one as a modern Desert Farther, with the same sympathy, clarity, and rectitude of those earlier Christian writers This book is one to study and digest, using insights to enhance one s own spiritual struggles and understanding It is as important as his earlier works.

  5. mbm023 mbm023 says:

    Shipping was fast and book came as I expected.

  6. Kerolos K. Ibrahim Kerolos K. Ibrahim says:

    incredibly helpful I highly recommend this book