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Simple but fundamental pictures help you realize how a composition works Really nice book The Illustrator Of A Retelling Of Little Red Riding Hood Provides A Step By Step Account Of Her Work To Reveal The Principles Of Illustration And The Role Of Shape And Color In Expressing Ideas And Emotions Molly Bang introduces the underlying Structure of visual art in a concise way that will appeal to artists all ages. Picture This is so far the most understandable explanation I have read about the effects and interplay of form, colour and other elements of pictures Bang spends half of the book making the cover picture and explaining how she made the various elements work together to create the atmosphere and feeling she wanted Another in depth example focusing on some other emotion this one was about being scary and invoking fear would have been very helpful I would recommend this book to anyone interested in how to make their pictures stronger and emotion invoking. I had great expectations of this book, which unfortunately none were met I was after a book which would explain basics in composition colour, dynamics, geometrics, and positioning This book seems of an elaborated college project, using geometric shapes to interpret the classic tale of little red riding hood The whole book is based on the picture featured on it s cover, explaining each step of the process If other pieces of art were also included it may have had to offer in tuition In saying all of this, I would recommend this book as a tool of reference for students in school It covers some of the basic principles of composition, ideal for key stage 3 learning. An easy read Helpful to me as a student.Good ideas to help students engage with their work and think about why they are doing that line, choosing that colour, that shape, that composition Worth a read. Really clear examples of how shapes and colours can be used to invoke feeling and emotions Thoroughly recommended to anyone with an interest in composition. Simple yet so effective The cover doesn t look like much, but don t be fooled.