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I really love being able to see a lot of the background drawings to the workings of Robs mind This book is packed with odd sketches and titbits which unfortunately leads me to the major downside of the book It has no commentary, no text to guide the viewer or explain You re just given masses of amazing drawings to stumble through alone and find your own real meaning and explanations for I wish Rob had done a slightly thicker book with a bit of in depth thought process on his work but this is still a great work A good art book, but if you are looking for a window into his creative process, perhaps not what you are looking for. In , Rob Schrab Completed Scud The Disposable Assassin After A Ten Year Hiatus Fans Rejoicedbut Demanded To Know What Had Taken Him So Long The Answer Lies Within These Pages This Is A Collection Of Concept Sketches From His Many Sci Fi, Horror, And Animation Projects In TV Film That Never Saw The Light Of Day Some Were Abandoned, Some Are Coming Soon, But All Are Here To Enjoy This book is really cool, with interesting concepts that just conjure up so many images and ideas Even if you re not a fan of Rob Schrab, this book will get you inspired to create, and think outside of the box. Rob Nails it once again This is classic Schrab If you are a fan of Rob Schrabs work this book is for you There isn t much that can be said This book is AWSOME Rob if you read this I am glad you can t do anything else because this world would be a far less interesting place without your creations Rob Schrab s wonderfully bizarre artwork is inspiring