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For A Free Guide To Orthodox Colors To Use Visit Discover The Spiritual Depth And Serenity Of These Orthodox Icons Through This Coloring Book By Simon Oskolniy Held Up By Millions Of Believers As Spiritual Beacons Of The Orthodox Faith, These Greek And Russian Orthodox Icons Will Allow Any Of Us To Get In Touch With The Divine Trinity, Jesus And All The Saints This Coloring Book Is Perfect For You Or Your Child Allow These Blessed Images By Andrei Rublev And Other Masters Take You On A Spiritual Journey And Find An Inside Peace And Love That Was Felt By The Master While Painting These Timeless Icons Includes The Following Icons Andrei Rublev, Trinity End Of The Th Beginning Of The Th Century Andrei Rublev, Christ The Redeemer S Andrei Rublev, Theotokos Of Vladimir Anonymous, Christ Pantocrator The Th Century Simon Ushakov, Image Of The Saviour Not Made By Hand Anonymous, Golden Locked Angel The Th Century Anonymous, Saint Peter The Th Century Anonymous, The Lamb Of God The Th Century Anonymous, Annunciation From The Church Of St Clement In Ohrid, Macedonia First Quarter Of The Th Century Anonymous, Holy Trinity Th Century, Renovated By Tikhon Filatiev In

9 thoughts on “Orthodox Icon Coloring Book

  1. Alex Williams Alex Williams says:

    Nice book But only 10 pictures to colour.

  2. MíaTreviño MíaTreviño says:

    I love this book and use it as inspiration for my own paintings I did notice however that Christ pantocrator has too many fingers, not a biggie but a little distracting

  3. Ianto Ianto says:


  4. adaptations.se Customer adaptations.se Customer says:

    Very nice book.

  5. K. Brock K. Brock says:

    I got this after taking a couple of years of icon classes It has beautiful blackline drawings of several well known icons, and of several that are not as well known These are excellent quality drawings, and could be immediately used as the foundation drawing to begin writing an icon I am very impressed with this book.

  6. Kindle Customer Kindle Customer says:

    All great icons begin with a great drawing Simon Oskolniy has masterfully and prayerfully presented the amazing skeletons that are brought to life with prayer and color It is an excellent book for prayer and meditation, for studying iconography, for coloring and for celebrating the kingdom of God.

  7. Elta Wilson Elta Wilson says:

    Images a bit difficult to color Good learning experience for understanding icons.

  8. Leona Leona says:

    Good for an icon prototype and for young kids to color.

  9. Grandma Grandma says:

    Nice gift for my God Daughter.