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Francis Frangipane Examines The Three Arenas Of Spiritual Warfare That Every Maturing Christian Will Face The Mind, The Church, And The Heavenly Places Or Invisible Spiritual Realm The Author Provides Insight, Discernment And Wisdom, Helping Readers To Keep A Balanced, Biblical View Of Spiritual Warfare The Battleground Of The Mind Deals With Areas Of Darkness In Our Thinking That The Lord Wants To Expose The Battleground Of The Church Focuses The Reader On Unity And Love, Two Keys That Unlock The Power Of God To Move In Communities And Cities In The Battleground Of The Heavenly Places The Author Contends That The Battle Is Fought Primarily By Focusing On Jesus And Taking Ground In Our Own Lives Practical Advice Is Given On How To Tackle Various Spiritual Strongholds

8 thoughts on “The Three Battlegrounds

  1. P. R. Pearson P. R. Pearson says:

    The 1st 2 parts are excellent, but the last part the author is pushing the Kingdom Authority line.

  2. C. Bayne C. Bayne says:

    Outstanding must read for new believers or even n old Helps get you off milk onto meat.There s not much out there this high quality.

  3. Horace James Smith Horace James Smith says:

    This book helped me understand the spiritual warfare that I am fighting to established the ministry,here in London, that my adversaries are warring against me to try, and stop.

  4. Jedidiah Jedidiah says:

    I am halfway through this book but would give it 5 stars on the strength of it alone Need I say Don t hesitate buy and read..

  5. LindyLou LindyLou says:

    Great teaching, we do live in a war zone

  6. A M Smart A M Smart says:

    Would recommend for everyone, particularly the first section on understanding the battle of the mind Think all christian believers should have this in their library.

  7. Diane Diane says:

    Packed with information, but easy to read and relate to The invisible battles the Christian encounters is well explained Highly recommend

  8. Mrs. Tina P. Cross Mrs. Tina P. Cross says:

    Excellent book Easy read very helpful