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William Henry Presents New Evidence About The Secrets And The True History Of Mary Magdalene, Including The Reasons Why She Was Called The Illuminator Or Illuminatrix And Why The Knights Templar Were Attacked By The Church Of Rome In This Book, He Explores The Core Of The Mysteries Of Mary Magdalene To Study Knowledge Of The Ultimate Secret Of The Tower Or Ladder To God, Also Called The Stairway To Heaven The Astonishing Facts About The Secret Teachings Of Jesus And Mary Magdalene And Their Connection To The Illumined Ones Of The Past Are Discussed Other Subjects Include The Gnostics And Cathars And Their Connection To Mary Magdalene The Alchemical Secrets Of Mary Magdalene S Anointing Oil And How It Transformed Jesus The Magdalene S Connection To Ishtar, Isis And Other Ancient Goddesses The Reality Of An Extraterrestrial Presence In The Bible And Gnostic Christian Texts How The Knights Templar Encoded The Secret Teaching Of Jesus And Mary Magdalene In Religious Graffiti At Domme, France

6 thoughts on “Mary Magdalene, the Illuminator: The Woman Who Enlightened the Christ

  1. Mary Stephenson Mary Stephenson says:

    I love to learn as much as I can about Mary Magdalene The facts give me food for thought and I am blessed also to have the book of Pistis Sophia by Dr JJ Hurtak and Desiree Hurtak and be able to see how some of these facts are validated by both books and the Holy Scriptures.

  2. . . says:

    Neat looking book, I haven t read it all yet but have familiarized myself with the subject matter Flipping through it seems William Henry has really done his homework This book is absolutely packed with beautiful pictures of occult symbols, ancient hieroglyphs and seals As usual, the author goes to great lengths to bring new meaning to terms and imagery from ancient texts I really appreciate the work of William Henry and definitely do not consider it a regurgitation of other authors works Certainly, Henry draws on other works in the formation of his hypothesis however, rather than rehash these as his own, he uses them as a foundation and builds on top of them Keep up the good work I deducted one star because the book arrived with some slight damage and scratches.

  3. jessica jessica says:

    I picked this book up at the suggestion of Kathleen McGowan, who gave it a stamp of approval on her radio show Some interesting theories are explored here, well researched and enlightening you get your money s worth of useful information A little rambley, but maybe William Henry was going for that stream of consciousness style of narration I wish there was about Mary Magdalene specifically, but aside from that the book introduces you to essential new ideas in the field of Magdalene research A quick read worthy of your time, I just wish it had an index at the back

  4. Ava Ciliberti Ava Ciliberti says:

    Very insightful and well informed Thanks William Henry for bringing Mary Magdalene into her proper due

  5. Leonor Leonor says:

    Well written

  6. Minnie Minnie says:

    Not as much about Mary Magdalene as an Illuminator of Jesus as it is filled with the meanings of esoteric symbols Have not finished reading it yet.