{eBook} In the Heart of the Desert: The Spirituality of the Desert Fathers and Mothers: With a Translation of Abba Zosimas' Reflections (Treasures of the World's Religions)Author John Chryssavgis – Schematicwiringdiagram.co

Discover The Spiritual Wisdom Of The Desert Fathers And Mothers, Who Left The Distractions Of The Outward World Behind In Order To Find Their Own Path To God The Desert Fathers And Mothers Those Early Christian Ascetics Who Withdrew From The World To Seek God Have Influenced The Spiritual Lives Of Many People, From Saint Augustine To Thomas Merton Their Words, Sometimes Inspiring And Uplifting, Sometimes Agonisingly Painful, Sometimes Humorous, Always Speak Straight From The Heart They Resonate Through The Centuries Because They Tell The Story Of The Deserted Soul In Its Pilgrimage From Darkness To Light, From Ignorance To Truth, From Sin To Sanctity This Revised Edition Of Father John Chryssavgis Fresh And Vital Introduction To The Spirituality Of The Desert Fathers And Mothers Brings Their Words To Life And Provides A Key Which Unlocks Their Relevance For The Reader Of Today It Also Features A Preface By Sister Benedicta Ward A Translation Of The Reflections By Abba Zosimas, An Early Desert Father Colour Photos And Illustrations And A Map Of The Ancient Near East A Chronology Of The Most Important Desert Fathers And Mothers A Full Bibliography A New Extensive Index

8 thoughts on “In the Heart of the Desert: The Spirituality of the Desert Fathers and Mothers: With a Translation of Abba Zosimas' Reflections (Treasures of the World's Religions)

  1. Malcolm U Malcolm U says:

    The World of the Desert Fathers and Mothers, although vastly different from our own, has many parallels Like them we too must wrestle with our demons We may not live in the barren wastes of Egypt and Syria, but we face similar temptations Deacon John Chryssavgis s book offers a creative way to view our individual pilgrimages to the Kingdom The lives of those holy men and women convey ways of looking at God s dealings with us in relation to the personal conflicts, doubts ans fears we all experience to day.

  2. Emma Kingsley Emma Kingsley says:

    Loved this book Great collection of Desert Sayings recorded with real accuracy and explained with keen insight by an impressive author The best I ve read on the subject of the early Church Mothers and Fathers Very true, very helpful, very inspiring.Kindle version downloaded better the scond time I installed it and I am glad to own the printed paperback version also A true classic for any serious Christian and not just for Christians either but a worthy edition to any Library of Wisdom, spanning universal Truths that can be applid across a broad spectrum of Faiths.

  3. red bear red bear says:

    This book gives examples of the sayings of the desert fathers and gives a clear picture of their lives Very useful as research for an essay Would recommend it to anyone interested in spirituality Very thought provoking

  4. Oliver Oliver says:

    Fascinating book Simple truths simply put.

  5. Jack Ladde Jack Ladde says:

    This is a superb classic or Orthodox spirituality The reflections and lives of these holy monks is something we all need in the madness of modern life Beautifully simple and yet full of profound depths.

  6. Jon Sleeman Jon Sleeman says:

    An excellent introduction to the desert fathers, both spiritually and historically Thoroughly recommended for anyone without much background looking to understand the desert fathers better And with copious quotations from the Sayings themselves.

  7. Ernest Gray Ernest Gray says:

    Excellent well written clear.

  8. Ann Hetherington Ann Hetherington says:

    So far I ve only read a little of this book, but enough to know I ll keep it for life and will read and re read it It came promptly and in top condition, thank you.