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This Volume Is The First Appearance In English Of A Selection Of The Informal Talks Abba Matta Gave To His Fellow Monks And To Visitors In Simple, Accessible Language, He Addresses A Wide Range Of Subjects To Read These Talks Is To Sit At The Feet Of One Of The Greatest Spiritual Teachers Of Our AgeAbout Abba Matta Known In The West As Matthew The Poor, Abba Matta Is Widely Regarded As The Greatest Egyptian Elder Since St Antony The Great He Produced A Huge And Varied Body Of Work In Arabic, Only A Little Of Which Has Been Translated Into English In Addition, A Great Many Of His Informal Talks To Monks And Visitors Were Recorded He Had A Marvelous Ability To Communicate The Deepest Spiritual Truths In The Simplest And Most Practical Language, Making Them Accessible To Laypeople As Well As Monastics He Speaks To The Heart Rather Than The Head, Gently Exhorting The Reader To Pursue A Deeper Life In Christ

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    This is a wonderful book full of spiritual treasures from Fr Matthew which secures its place in the pantheon of Orthodox spiritual classics Accessible to all readers, Fr Matthew s wisdom and insight sheds light on the many challenges faced by Orthodox Christians in the modern world Go buy it now

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    It is an amazing book I got a power to say, it s like a ready food to every person especially to the believers I advise reading everyone.

  3. Léda OFS Léda OFS says:

    Matthew the Poor s words touch and nurture the very depths of one s heart, his love of the Scriptures gives fresh insight, his love of God is very inspiring A book to be treasured and read again and again I look forward to seeing of his writings sayings in English I am so thankful to have discovered him

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    I always look for new releases in English of Matthew the Poor as he is one of my favorite spiritual guides Matthew the Poor continues to offer practical advice on how one ought to live a Christian life He explains I this book that he was not called to give theological sermons His calling was to speak frankly and provide guidance to those seeking to follow God He speaks as if he was talking to a friend.Each chapter stands on its own and Matthew the Poor discusses a specific topic The translation is excellent, it is easy to read and comprehend from an English perspective, however the spiritual insight is deep and his guidance is direct and will challenge you But if you are able to follow is advice then you will be a little loser to the kingdom of heaven

  5. Enoa Enoa says:

    Father Matta was a Christian monk of our time, he lived in the desert of Egypt like the first christian ermits and was the abbot of saint Macarius monastery However he had a deep understanding of men s and women s minds of our time, and knew how to transmit the spiritual path of the early Christianity to both lay people and monks This book is a message of hope and a precious guide for those who want to strengthen their faith or possibly to restore it and also who wish to concretely live the Christian path, to pray, to meditate Father Matta wrote other very inspiring books translated into English as Orthodox Prayer Life The Interior Way The particularity of Fr Matta was his wonderful strong love and trust in Jesus Christ under any circumstances The words tranlated and presented in this book are a nice anthology of Abuna Matta talks

  6. gmreader gmreader says:

    Words for Our Time is a treasure Matthew the Poor speaks through the book as though he is right in the room with you, reading our soul and sharing encouraging words and wisdom He speaks as a brother who had lived every spiritual experience he describes, and his sharings are the fruit of he intense personal relationship with the Lord Please get your own copy.

  7. Kristofer Carlson Kristofer Carlson says:

    The persecuted Church is a practical Church In the persecuted Church will not find the complicated theologies common in areas where Christianity is dominant, or at least not actively persecuted.This book, by a Coptic Orthodox monk, is evidence of that It is always simple, clear, and to the point Want to know how to resist sin To advance in your spiritual walk Then this is the book for you.

  8. Thomas J. Davis Thomas J. Davis says:

    This is an amazing read of St Matthew the Poor, this is my first book by him I am moved by his writing and style.