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This Is The Only Resource Bible Written With Study Aids And Articles Written From An Orthodox Christian Perspective The New Testament And Psalms Are Interpreted From The Doctrinal Foundation Of The Orthodox Church For The Guidance Of Respected Scholars Of The Orthodox Faith Working Within A Tradition Of Biblical Interpretation Which Goes Back To The Apostles Themselves

8 thoughts on “The Orthodox Study Bible, eBook: Ancient Christianity Speaks to Today's World

  1. Hunter Hunter says:

    Are you seeking the Way, the Light and the Truth Repent in your heart, forgive all, and give thanks to the Lord The Lord will always be there He will love and comfort you when you do wrong, and reprimand and encourage you when you think you re doing right We are children to the Father Our true Father God said not to eat of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, we weren t ready, now we are learning this lesson on our way back into communion with Him Praise the Lord, and seek out the glory of God

  2. Lianne Drummond Lianne Drummond says:

    An excellent resource, just one small issue that it needs proofreading because I ve already found text missing joel 3 12 21 is mentioned in the lectionary but is unavailable in the text This is at least the kindle version I look forward to it being properly proofread though and corrections made because then it would be excellent.

  3. wico wico says:

    Beautiful tome that in spite of 1800 pages lies well in the hand Pleasant type face Lacks contents page and could do with some marker ribbons.The text notes and the additional articles are concise and clear and illuminating.Icons beautiful.A book that draws you deeper into Faith and Scripture which is what this reader needs.

  4. welshwizard welshwizard says:

    I have used the New Testament a lot, Even though I am not of the Orthodox Church This is a wonderful addition to complete the Bible If you are a serious Bible reader you MUST have this book on your shelf It gives a different view to the Western Christian view I find this gives food for thought and for me a feeling that I would like to learn about a church which developed in parallel to Western Christianity with an impressive provenance Honestly you will kick yourself if you don t buy this well priced wonderful book from an excellent supplier.

  5. JK JK says:

    It s a beautiful bible with plenty of notes and articles accompanying it The book introductions are great as are the study notes The notes are aimed at expounding Christian theology as thought by Christ, the Apostles and the Church Father s Its definitely aimed at believers rather than neutral academics I love it and look forward to many happy years of reading it.

  6. Samuel Samuel says:

    Still reading , but bible has a nice feel to it Now this might sound shallow but I think it is important since a bible is generally the first book you touch in the day I like th leather cover being flexible, the pages are thin but yet they are not see through and at the same time the print is large enough to read without straining the eyes, a problem with so many bibles unfortunately I am not a theology student so I cannot comment on the accuracy of the addition information in the front But the comments on the bottom I find helpfull, specially in the Old Testament which can sometimes have strange passages that seem overly violent to our times.I love the pages in between with the images, they are really beautiful, wich there had been of them.I also like the morning and evening prayers in the back, they surely can help somebody who is only getting started with praying and feels akward about using their own words.

  7. Jonah ☦ Jonah ☦ says:

    Absolutely stunning and beautiful as a book, and literature The art work is gorgeous and the texts and word type is perfect.

  8. William A O'Connell William A O'Connell says:

    More books than the Catholic Bible and excellent articles on aspects of faith from those that still treasure the earliest part of the Christian story