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You Ve Seen Him On The Daily Show With Jon Stewart Offering Up His Trademark Angry Observational Humor On Everything From Politics To Pop Culture You Ve Seen His Energetic Stand Up Performances On HBO, Comedy Central, And In Venues Across The Globe Now Lewis Black S Volcanic Eruptions Can Be Found In Nothing S Sacred, A Collection Of Rants Against Stupidity And Authority, Which Oftentimes Go Hand In Hand With Subversive Wit And Intellectual Honesty, Lewis Examines The Events Of His Life That Shaped His Anti Authoritarian Point Of View And Developed His Comedic Perspective Growing Up In S Suburbia When Father Knew Best And There Was A Sitcom To Prove It, He Began To Regard Authority With A Jaundiced Eye At An Early Age And As That Sentiment Grew Stronger With Each Passing Year, So Did His Ability To Hone In On The Absurd True To Form, He Puts Common Sense Above Ideology And Distills Hilarious, Biting Commentary On All Things Politically And Culturally Relevant

6 thoughts on “Nothing's Sacred

  1. adaptations.se Customer adaptations.se Customer says:

    fine and dandy

  2. SUSAN R. SUSAN R. says:

    Twisted sense of humor, just the way I like it Keeps you laughing Helps if you re on the left side of the political spectrum and have a good sense of the absurd and a good sense of snark

  3. J. Harvey J. Harvey says:

    I got this book sight unseen, not knowing at all what it would be like but trusting that the comedic genius of Mr Black would not let me down Though that turned out to be true, I must say I didn t expect an account of his early years so much as his classic Daily Show rants This is a very interesting read to get into the mind of the famous comedian I had no idea he was an esteemed playwright and even a government worker in his earlier days Naturally, the tale is peppered by his classic dark humor that will leave you chortling many times over.If anything, I found this book somewhat similar to Jeff Foxworthy s, Tim Allen s, and Jay Leno s a humorous look into the mind behind the humor An excellent read.

  4. Filmfan Filmfan says:

    I enjoyed the first part of the book, where he tells about his childhood and being in school, but I didn t find the rest of the bookall that interesting or amusing The I read, the I felt that I wish I hadn t spent money to get this book Many copies are now for sale for 1 cent Buy one of them, or borrow it from a library, I d suggest He can be very funny as a stand up comedian, and I still enjoy him for that.

  5. poppy c. poppy c. says:

    Could not stop reading Some of the book came from past monologues but he improved them As a true believer in God I still can laugh at some of the crap that is done in the name of religion Lewis is not truly disrespectful but delves into the foibles of those who come up with the rules.

  6. Jessica B. Schneider Jessica B. Schneider says:

    If I had known that this book was just a bunch of stuff from his stand up acts thrown into writing, I would have saved the money There were some things about him that I didn t know before most of the stuff about college and his brother but other than that, I could recite it word for word from his routines Maybe I m just a big fan and I ve seen all of his acts than a few timesbut that is why I bought the book I gave it a 3 because I just couldn t give Lewis Black anything below that I did appreciate the stuff that wasn t from a routine and it wasn t a poorly written book.