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In Grace And Power, New York Times Best Selling Author Sally Bedell Smith Takes Us Inside The Kennedy White House With Unparalleled Access And Insight Having Interviewed Scores Of Kennedy Intimates, Including Many Who Have Never Spoken Before, And Drawing On Letters And Personal Papers Made Available For The First Time, Smith Paints A Richly Detailed Picture Of The Personal Relationships Behind The High Purpose And Poiltical Drama Of The Th Century S Most Storied PresidencyAt The Dawn Of The S, A Year Old President And His Year Old First Lady The Youngest Couple Ever To Occupy The White House Captivated The World With Their Easy Elegance And Their Cool Conviction That Anything Was Possible Jack And Jackie Kennedy Gathered Around Them An Intensely Loyal And Brillant Coterie Of Intellectuals, Journalists, Diplomats, International Jet Setters And Artists Perhaps As Never Before, Washington Was Sharply Divided Between The Ins And The Outs In His Public Life, JFK Created A New Frontier, Stared Down The Soviets, And Devoted Himself To His Wife And Children As First Lady, Jackie Mesmerized Foreign Leaders And The American People With Her Style And Sophistication Smith Brilliantly Recreates The Glamorous Pageant Of The Kennedy Years, As Well As The Daily Texture Of The Kennedys Marriage, Friendships, Political Associations, And, In Jack S Case, Multiple Love Affairs Smith S Striking Revelations Include New Information About What Drew Jack To His Numerous Mistresses, And What Effects The Relationships Ultimately Had On The Women About The Rivalries And Resentments Among Kennedy S Advisers And About The Poignant Days Before And After Kennedy S AssassinationSmith Has Fashioned A Vivid And Nuanced Portrait Not Only Of Two Extraordinary Individuals But Of A New Age That Sprang To Life Around Them Shimmering With Intelligence And Detail, Grace And Power Is History At Its Finest

8 thoughts on “Grace and Power: The Private World of the Kennedy White House

  1. May May says:

    Although I enjoyed this book by Sally Bedell Smith which provided a behind the scenes look at Kennedy s time in the White House both from a political point of view and a personal one, you should note that only 41% of the Kindle version is the book the rest is made up of referenceing,etc However, that said I found the characters some of whom I had never heard of before to be so fascinating that I googled them after having read the book to find out about them I would definitely recommend this book.

  2. Kerrypickle Kerrypickle says:

    I have a number of books about the Kennedy Family both before and after the assassination.What interested me the most about this book was the background and stories of the insiders within the administration, but who often remained on the edge of Camelot to varying degrees.The jockeying for position, power, the friendships made, and destroyed make for a cracking read.

  3. Valerie Brogan Valerie Brogan says:

    The detail is almost overwhelming at times I appreciate that the author has done a great deal of research but the day to day life, of even these famous people, can pall after a time In spite of this, however, there are real insights into the decadent and disassociative life of Jackie and the morally ethical corruption of Jack and his cohorts.

  4. Angela Anderson Angela Anderson says:

    Brilliant read, very well written with lots of detail and information of the Kennedy administration and daily life in the White House A great insight into how Jackie coped with JFKs philandering, how they made their marriage work, also her sense of duty and respect she showed in the days following the shooting The politics of the time are well covered I would thoroughly recommend this book to any Kennedy fans.

  5. adaptations.se Customer adaptations.se Customer says:

    Incredibly detailed book Almost too detailed about the administration I was hoping it d be about their private world and relationship, as the title kinda implies.

  6. Tony E. Tony E. says:

    A great behind the scenes look at the Kennedys and how they functioned

  7. Mr. Eric L. Robins Mr. Eric L. Robins says:

    Good story interesting

  8. S Collins S Collins says:

    Seemed long to start with but then realised that the last 50% was taken up with reference sources A good read though and enjoyed it.