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Two Time Grammy Award Winner Maya Angelou Performs Her Memorable Fourth Volume Of Autobiography, Which Began So Auspiciously With I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings The Heart Of A Woman Sings With Maya Angelou S Eloquent Prose And Is Filled With Unforgettable Vignettes Of Famous People, From Billie Holiday To Malcolm X Even Central Is Maya Angelou S Chronicle Of The Joys And The Burdens Of Being A Black Mother In America And How The Son She Has Cherished So Intensely And Worked For So Devotedly Finally Grows To Be A Man

8 thoughts on “The Heart of a Woman

  1. Carmilla Carmilla says:

    The Heart of a Woman is the best possible title for this book Maya lets her heart be her guide, often through courage and curiosity, but sometimes with pure obstinacy We shouldn t expect less from the daughter of a woman who left behind personal wealth and security to join the merchant navy simply because she was told women couldn t be sailors.Book four of a seven book autobiography made me wonder how one person could fit so much into their life Maya s answer is clear by following her heart.It s sensuously written, full of excitement and sometimes reads like a who s who of American politics and entertainment Maya seems to have met everyone from Martin Luther King and Malcolm X to Billie Holliday and Sidney Poitier Wow, this woman knew how to live, and by reading these volumes we get to live vicariously.

  2. Fancydress-girl Fancydress-girl says:

    Everyone should read this womans life Any of her books stand alone or can be read in order of her life.

  3. Michaela Smith Michaela Smith says:

    I ve read five of the seven of Maya Angelou s books so far and this is probably my favourite Worth reading the others in series though to get the full picture.

  4. Najma Najma says:

    Love this woman, loved this book Got me thinking great book Delivered to my kindle and price is reasonable

  5. Myawoman Myawoman says:

    This woman lived an extraordinary, brave, conscious life She s reminded me that wonderful things can result from taking a chance.

  6. Mazza jones 1978 Mazza jones 1978 says:

    Brought this for my friend for her birthday as she liked these books when she was younger so she s very happy.

  7. Tracy walters Tracy walters says:

    I love all her books l feel like l grew up with her So funny and clever and an amazing mother.

  8. Gill Tree Gill Tree says:

    Lovely book, beautifully written