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Great a unabridged audio book You get a quasi autobiography of Scott s polar expedition Extremely entertaining and well told, the story is both inspirational and tragic If you have interest in the topic, it is a must listen. Apsley George Benet Cherry Garrard Has Always Dreamt Of Becoming An Explorer So In The Spring Of , When Captain Robert Falcon Scott Offers Young Cherry The Position Of Assistant Zoologist Aboard The Terra Nova, Cherry Considers Himself The Luckiest Man Alive Cherry S Luck, However, Will Soon Change Far Off In The Icy Unknown Of Antarctica, Where Temperatures Plummet Below F, Exploration Is Synonymous With A Struggle For Life Frostbite, Scurvy, Hidden Ice Chasms, And Packs Of Hungry Killer Whales Are Very Real Dangers But Even These Perils Don T Prepare Cherry For The Expedition He And Two Other Crew Members Embark Upon To Collect The Eggs Of Emperor Penguins Along The Way, He Will Face The Elements Head On, Risking Life And Limb In The Name Of Science Rife With Captivating Details Of Survival In An Icy Wilderness, This Reimagining Of The Famous Expedition To The South Pole, Told In Cherry S Voice, Is An Unforgettable Tale Of Courage And Camaraderie I have read many books on the exploration of the Arctic Antartica This one is very well written the author made you know the people so well so soon I saw that this is his first book he has something to be very proud of Also Mr Farr should write books that appeal to young people adults alike What an excellent book Thanks for writing this gem It s a great introduction to historical adventure and the psyche of another time and I fervently hope still exists today Even though I knew the ending, I was still on the edge of my seat and fighting tears at certain points. I really enjoyed this book than I expects to, but I was excited to learn about the geography of the antarctic area as described by Cherry.Although I believe Scott made many mistakes in planning and executing this trip, the two most egregious to me are paying money for sledges versus dogs, when their wasn t that much information on pledges, especially used in extreme temperatures and allowing his friend, Bill, take a scientific excursion into extremely dangerous territory to get samples of embryos.On the excursion to seek eggs, men experienced unnecessary danger, exhaustion, mental strain and injuries Had the team stayed intact, even when the pledges failed, the men could have taken turns with the manual labor, or banded together to make shorter work of it exposing the entire team to less of the elements.Regarding the purchase and use of sledges I am sure the idea of vehicles capable of hauling large amounts of supplies, equipment, etc sounded like too good to pass up but pass them up he should have.I believe the two mistakes I consider Scott made, cost him the lives of good men, himself not withstanding.All in all, a very good read, with insight as to the decision making of a leader under very difficult circumstances, and the camaraderie that exists between teammates also under these circumstances. I found this to be educational and entertaining reading which is something I love doing This has made my old body appreciate the warmth that I have to live with In the year 2000 I had stage 3 cancer and lived in Southern California, I did not get warm for two years after the chemotherapy I slept in sweats and under a down comforter along with a pile of blankets on top, my teeth still chartered Reading this book makes me feel as if maybe I was warm You were able to take me with Scott s expedition There is so much to see and live through in this world, so many never get there, except in books that we get to read Thank you.