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In Magellan And His Fleet Of Five Ships Set Sail From Seville, Spain, To Discover A Water Route To The Fabled Spice Islands In Indonesia, Where The Most Sought After Commodities Cloves, Pepper, And Nutmeg Flourished Three Years Later, A Handful Of Survivors Returned With An Abundance Of Spices From Their Intended Destination, But With Just One Ship Carrying Eighteen Emaciated Men During Their Remarkable Voyage Around The World The Crew Endured Starvation, Disease, Mutiny, And Torture Many Men Died, Including Magellan, Who Was Violently Killed In A Fierce Battle This Is The First Full Account In Nearly Half A Century Of This Voyage Into History A Tour Of The World Emerging From The Middle Ages Into The Renaissance A Startling Anthropological Account Of Tribes, Languages, And Customs Unknown To Europeans And A Chronicle Of A Desperate Grab For Commercial And Political Power

7 thoughts on “Over the Edge of the World: Magellan's Terrifying Circumnavigation of the Globe

  1. markr markr says:

    This is one of the best books I have read in recent years Covering the lead up to Magellan s attempt to find a sea route to the spice islands, the incredible journey itself, which took three years to circumnavigate the globe, and the events which followed the survivors return, this is page turning history of the highest quality.Painstakingly researched from original resources, and related in an erudite yet thoroughly entertaining manner, this is a a wonderful book, which I may well read again

  2. Gs-trentham Gs-trentham says:

    How 260 men set out from Seville in September 1519 to find a new route to the Spice Islands, and how a mere 18 returned having completed the first circumnavigation of the globe after nearly 60,000 miles and three years is an epic story that has found a worthy author Laurence Berggreen rewards the reader by marrying scholarly research with eloquent, readable prose.There is no attempt to portray the achievement as heroic, astounding though it was This is an account of hardship, disease, torture, murder, betrayal, but it is also a vivid tale of discovery and observation of previously unknown places, people and things Framing it all, and giving the narrative a shape that might translate to a novel, is the rivalry between Spain and Portugal for commercial domination of the oceans.Even as the end is almost within reach, there is no certainty of success for the single remaining ship of the five that set out Berggreen writes, the weather continued to batter the boat by night too, so there was no rest for the crew, nor safe harbour, nor cooking fire, nor soft dry blanket, nor guarantee that their misery would end any time soon And so they tried again and again, fleeing for their lives, hoping to cheat death just one time This is history as thriller Simply magnificent.

  3. R Helen R Helen says:

    On 6 September 1522 a battered ship appeared on the horizon near the port of Sanl car de Barrameda, Spain And with this opening line Laurence Bergreen brings us back to that historic moment when the only ship of Magellan s great fleet returns home I loved this opening chapter The haunting way he portrays the ship and its crew is terrifying yet draws you in Just what happened to the rest of the fleet Where are Magellen and the 242 other members of the crew It s a story at once fantastic and terrible And, as clich as this may sound, you really won t want to put it down Everything is described in rich detail I particularly enjoyed reading about life on board the ships It s exactly what an adventure story should be Highly enjoyable read and definitely recommended.

  4. David I. Howells David I. Howells says:

    Having read and studied a great deal on epic sea journeys of bygone ages, I had never read an account of Magellan s voyage In an effort to stem this ignorance I picked up Laurence Bergreen s book and quite simply found it to be a fantastic read and by far the finest book devoted to the age of discovery that I have read What Magellan achieved is quite simply breathtaking Not only was his expedition the first to discover an ocean passage around the South American continent obviously the Magellan Straight but also the first to complete a historic first circumnavigation of our globe However such a simple summation is like comparing a drop of blood to a severed artery.Magellan a Portuguese national somehow gets the king of Spain to fund his ambitious expedition to find a route to the Spice Islands of the Moluccas Leaving Spain in 1519 with a fleet of five ships and two hundred and sixty men the expedition returns three years later in one ship with eighteen souls During an amazing but terrifying sixty thousand mile odyssey there does not seem to be a calamity that the Moluccas expedition did not encounter They braved mutinies, storms, scurvy, drownings, torture, executions, wars, desertions, murders and other endless perils Bergmen portrays each dangerous scenario accurately and with consumate detail.Apart from the dangers there are also the amazing experiences beheld of men encountering new peoples, customs, lands, flora and fauna There are accounts of orgies with dusky Pacific Rim maidens as well as sections devoted to foreign kings and chieftains and their practices All topics are amply described and are utterly fascinatingI found the Philippine custom of Pelanging very interesting but hope it does not get a modern resurgence read about it or Google it.Ultimately what was the journey forwell it was to find a new route to the Spice Islands To pioneer a new trading route to bring back the then amazingly expensive spices such as cloves, cinnamon, pepper and nutmeg A sailor bringing back a small satchel of such spices in those days would enrich himself to the extent that he could purchase the ship that he journeyed on during the expedition Return with spices the expedition survivors did, only one ship s worth but that resulted in nearly a million dollars worth of cargo without adding half a millennium of inflation All of this is well told by the author in a superbly researched book that is equally well written with great descriptive detail It also abounds with lateral information such as a fascinating description of 14th century Pacific Chinese treasure fleets and other like maritime information along with linkages to other great explorers of the age The book is such an easy read you tend to forget the amount of information you have got from it.The correct summation of this book is that it is about a sea journey.a journey that was over a dozen times longer than Columbus s, a journey of an expedition that discovered the world and changed the course of history..quite simply the most important sea voyage in maritime history.

  5. Tatiana Tatiana says:

    A book every adventurer, let alone sailor, wants to read It cross refers 500 year old diaries of those aboard Armada De Molucca and today s world Most importantly, it s written to show what exactly was going on rather than to serve some sort of theory Most trusted summary of Magellan s outstanding legacy.

  6. Mike1865 Mike1865 says:

    I really enjoyed this book, read this if you have an interest in maritime history or aninterest in how the world as we know it today came about.This book writes about the experiences of the crew of the armada which left spain to find a passage to the spice islands by sailing west, to get to the east by going west During their voyage they are tested by storms, scury, canibals, cutlesses, mutines, marorderers, politics, religion, sex and They ventured to places never before seen by Europeans in what must have been one of the most amazing voyages ever

  7. Kevin Botting Kevin Botting says:

    A really gripping story Why hasn t Hollywood made epics about Magellan Lots of bravery , treachery, double dealing politics, gore, sex and that does not even include the amazing feats of exploration This book may be a history book but it is also a page turner The journey makes Columbus s voyage seem like a trip to the local corner shop.