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Michael J Fox Abandoned High School To Pursue An Acting Career, But Went On To Receive Honorary Degrees From Several Universities And Garner The Highest Accolades For His Acting, As Well As For His Writing In His New Book, He Inspires And Motivates Graduates To Recognize Opportunities, Maximize Their Abilities, And Roll With The Punches All With His Trademark Optimism, Warmth, And Humor In A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Future, Michael Draws On His Own Life Experiences To Make A Case That Real Learning Happens When Life Goes Skidding Sideways He Writes Of Coming To Los Angeles From Canada At Age And Attempting To Make His Way As An Actor Fox Offers Up A Comically Skewed Take On How, In His Own Way, He Fulfilled The Requirements Of A College Syllabus He Learned Economics As A Starving Artist An Unexpected Turn As A Neophyte Activist Schooled Him In Political Science And His Approach To Comparative Literature Involved Stacking Books Up Against Their Movie Versions Replete With Personal Stories And Hilarious Anecdotes, Michael J Fox S New Book Is The Perfect Gift For Graduates And Fans

8 thoughts on “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Future: Twists and Turns and Lessons Learned

  1. D. Hawley D. Hawley says:

    I always liked Michael J Fox as an actor and I didn t have to read very far into this book to see that his narrative has the same light hearted sense of humour and fun that I ve seen in his screen performances Though I knew that some tough subjects would certainly be forthcoming, it is his attitude that assured me that he could handle the task of talking about his illness in a way that would still make the world a brighter place for having him in it.He proved me right Despite a candid look inside the head of a talented young actor facing a career ending in Parkinsons, Michael shows an amazing ability to find something good in anything life throws at him, though he doesn t gloss over the difficulty of adjusting to his condition.He threw in some surprises I didn t know about his life outside of his screen persona and despite a limited formal education, writes succinctly in a literary style that proves that self education is often under rated I enjoyed the book and have even respect for the man that he is, though he was always a favourite.

  2. Sarah louise Sarah louise says:

    Having read his first two books and thoroughly enjoying them, I was looking forward to thisIts an okay book but far too short I don t think 4.99 is a fair price as i read the book in under2 hours I feel a little cheated

  3. I I says:

    For a Michael J Fox fan like me this is a great read Definitely gives you some funny insights on life.

  4. Vegas Vegas says:

    I was gripped, great to heat the story of MJFox

  5. orca orca says:

    Really good read

  6. Mark Mark says:

    This is a really good read, although aimed at students trying to focus them on their future, I still enjoyed it

  7. Customer Customer says:

    Great conclusion to the other two autobiographies as Michael intended it to be.

  8. Mrs S Walsh Mrs S Walsh says:

    Many thanks.