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In This Compelling Series Of Lectures On Literary Journalism, Professor William McKeen Delves Into The Origins Of Storytelling, The Nature Of Literary Journalism, And The Ways In Which Literary Journalism Has Affected Culture And Modes Of Expression As Professor McKeen Takes Listeners Back To The Second World War And Progresses Through The History Of Literary Journalism To The Present, He Introduces Such Intriguing And Sometimes Notorious Writers As John Hersey, Norman Mailer, Gay Talese, Tom Wolfe, And Hunter S Thompson PLEASE NOTE When You Purchase This Title, The Accompanying Reference Material Will Be Available In Your My Library Section Along With The Audio

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  1. Thomas Haemmerli Thomas Haemmerli says:

    Great course on New Journalism and Non Fiction Literature From Tom Wolfe to Joan Didion and from Truman Capote to Norman Mailer Entertaining and very well made Highly recommendable

  2. zorba zorba says:

    This course is a most delightful review of the journalistic genre generally defined as literary journalism a term the lecturer frowns on, but accepts because that s what it is He defines literary journalism as factual, non fiction articles or books stories if you will told in fine detail and freely using dialog to establish mood and purpose He reviews the offerings of such writers as John Hersey, Tom Wolfe, Truman Capote, Hunter Thompson, Gay Talese, Joan Didion and other masters of the narrative art Not only do these authors write great stories, but they are mostly crack wielders of the declarative sentence Professor McKeen s lectures are musts for the aspiring journalist He tells us why such books as Capote s In Cold Blood or Hersey s Hiroshima and Talese s Thy Neighbor s Wife are so compelling and why they ve stood the test of time All in all, this series of lectures is a delight for readers who appreciate good journalism or just like good, factual stories You ll come away with a reading list of past masters and some names of present and possible future ones This is one of the best Modern Scholar courses I ve listened to.

  3. harmonica hill snatch hounds harmonica hill snatch hounds says:

    This is an amusing way to get to the contrast of journalism as literary skill and publishing as an ideological collective identity The contrast at the end of the first CD is publisher Henry Luce, whose Time and Life magazines wanted to speak with a voice of authority in power and technical accomplishment, and author John Hersey who revealed Hiroshima in a single issue of The New Yorker in 1946 revealed the stories of six survivors of the atomic blast on August 6, 1945 The idea of getting into the guts of every detail magnifies what writers would do intensely as ordinary people never dreamed of feeling so much.

  4. Dr. Wilson Triviño Dr. Wilson Triviño says:

    The traveling university is alive and well The Modern Scholar Series captures a wide array of subjects Professor William McKeen from the University of Florida series on Stranger than Fiction The Art of Literary Journalism 14 lesson set delves in what is commonly referred to as New Journalism school or in recent times Literary Journalism.This type of writing takes the writer and places him into the action where he not only reports but also shares his view within the adventure It is where the story is written on fiction but is fact No the material is not made up but the story is told scene by scene, where dialogue, vivid description, and shared through the eyes of the characters.This school of writing came about after WWII and much originated in from magazine pieces like The New Yorker that show cased extended features.John Hersey s Hiroshima is mark as the beginning of this school of writers which included Norman Mailer, Tom Wolfe, and Hunter S Thompson to name a few.McKeen does a good job of delving into each of the major works and the biography of the individuals from this school.In the end he lays out a list of top writings and there is a companion work book that supplements the lectures.This is the perfect means to understand the ins and outs of Literary Journalism.

  5. Gary Nackenson Gary Nackenson says:

    I took this out from the library and have been listening to this while driving to work in my car Professor Mckeen does a nice job of providing colorful insight into what molded writers are now either long forgotten like Terry Sothern , honored but not really read that much any Tom Wolfe , or just strange Truman Capote There is much to be mined from sources like these for people not just writers trying to find their creative voice He particularly shines in his description of the career of Hunter S Thompson, the inventor of gonzo journalism Here is a short excerpt that had me laughing hysterically, but it is much funnier and insightful if you listen to the whole story Thompson came in to the offices of Rolling Stone, wearing a blond wig, because he was self conscious about his bald head, which he had shaved as part of the statement he was making by running on the power freak party ticket for sheriff in Aspen, CO , and carrying a six pack He rambled on for twenty minutes while finishing the six pack, and asked to go the bathroom While he was gone, at first there was quiet in the room Then Jan Wenner turned to his staff and said softly and matter of factly, I m the editor of the Rolling Stone I m supposed to be in touch with the counterculture What the f was that.

  6. Professional Psychic Professional Psychic says:

    A fun filled ride through literary journalism, which in itself is a fun filled ride This will whet your appetite to learn , and certainly find work by Professor McKeen He s a great storyteller, comfortable with the material, well spoken, and just quirky enough to make him interesting, while immensely knowledgeable.I also listened to this in my car, and found myself making up excuses for trips so I could stay in the car and listen a little longer Yes, it would be a good idea to download into an ipod, for the less lazy among us, or those who buy it rather than checking it out from the library Decades ago my now deceased stepmother sent me an article warning about the dangers of becoming a perennial student When I listen to works like Stranger Than Fiction, I realize again that she was right And really, what s so bad about expanding knowledge If the rest of their series is as good as this one, I may be driving around a whole lot Good thing I live in a city that supports it.