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Imagine Being A Year Old Girl In Love With Boys, School, Family Life Itself Then Suddenly, In A Matter Of Hours, Your Life Is Shattered By The Arrival Of A Foreign Army You Can No Longer Attend School, Have Possessions, Talk To Your Neighbors One Day Your Family Has To Leave Your House Behind And Move Into A Crowded Ghetto, Where You Lose All Privacy And There Isn T Enough Food To Eat Still You Manage, Somehow, To Adjust But There Is Much, Much Worse To Come This Is The Memoir Of Elli Friedmann, Who Was Years Old In March , When The Nazis Invaded Hungary It Describes Her Descent Into The Hell Of Auschwitz, A Concentration Camp Where, Because Of Her Golden Braids, She Was Selected For Work Instead Of Extermination In Intimate, Excruciating Details She Recounts What It Was Like To Be One Of The Few Teenage Camp Inmates, And The Tiny But Miraculous Twists Of Fate That Helped Her Survive Against All Odds I Have Lived A Thousand Years Is A Searing Story Of Cruelty And Suffering, But At The Same Time It Is A Story Of Hope, Faith, Perseverance, And Love It Will Make You See The World In A New Way And It Will Make You Want To Change What You See

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  1. J.I.S. J.I.S. says:

    I have read several books about the holocaust and this one really stands out Written for a younger market, the book has the maturity borne out by the title and the simple, frank style makes it all the powerful Her descriptions of the small events and blind chance that influenced the survival of all are heart aching There are also useful appendices listing the main events of the war and explaining the language used in the book, which would make it very accessible for anyone without background knowledge of WW2.

  2. C. A. West C. A. West says:

    I Have Lived a Thousand Years Growing Up in The Holocaust is well written and informative true story from a survivor of anti Semitism that was present in 1938 Europe Livia Bitton Jackson carefully describes the increasing hostility and prejudice toward her and her family as they tried to live peaceably in her rural hometown of Samorin, Czechoslovakia, on the banks of the Danube River, at the edge of the Carpathian foothills Livia was a young thirteen year old girl when she and her father, mother and older brother, and her aunt, were harassed and eventually were rounded up, along with her Jewish community and sent to various Jewish ghettos Her father,Mark Friedmann, was sent to a Hungarian labor camp, where he eventually perished Livia, whose birth name was Ellvira Elli Friedmann, her mother, Laura, her 17 year old brother, Bubi, and her mother s older sister, Serena, were all sent, by cattle railroad cars, to the infameous death camp, Auschwiz,Poland.I learned many things about life and death Family and community Survival in the face of impossible living conditions Elli s stories are of extreme prejudice, harassement, arrests, torture, murder and a palatable evil darkness that over took her Jewish community Elli s stories are also stories of family unity, faith, laughter, hope,endurance, loyality, courage and the deep down human will to survive no matter what evil comes your way Elli s story is also one of triumph and love in the face of overwhelming odds, and of never giving up This is a well written inspirational story I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to understand the human spirit of hope and courage in the face of adversity.

  3. BillyBob64 BillyBob64 says:

    Fascinating I fully understand now that at least a lot of the slave labor i.e those who did not go immediately to the gas must have been mainly just a means of torturing these Jews by those that hated them Having a starved 13 year old girl and her starved, debilitated mother and thousands like her working with a shovel on a hill side in Poland must have cost much than the Reich benefited The building and guarding and maintenance of the camps, the running of the trains, how much could any of this have aided the war effort I think rather quite the opposite.The other thing I have come to realize than in the past is how much of this evil was accomplished not just by the Nazis, but by other counties that fully supported the extermination of the Jews Think about it the persecution starts in her home town in Hungary years before the Nazis invade Many of the cruelest camp guards were Hungarian, Lithuanian, Latvian and other non Germans This is also confirmed in another book I am reading, The Good Old Days The record is very clear many, if not most, of the Jews who who were beaten to death or shot after digging their own graves were murdered by the people of the nations such as Lithuania Germany had just invaded, while the Germans just watched And as the various town s citizens watched and cheered It wasn t just the Germans They had a lot of help with the slaughter of the Jews from the nations they invaded But, this is a helpful book in educating about what happened.

  4. Bonnie Blue Bonnie Blue says:

    I purchased this book and thought that I was getting the winner of the Christopher Award I discovered later that there is a much longer version Readers need to purchase Elli Coming of Age in the Holocaust There is such a big difference with so many details that were left out of I Have Lived a Thousand Years that I was able to read this shorter version and about a month later read the original version and not feel like I was reading the same thing over.

  5. BettyLou BettyLou says:

    I don t think any of us can fully understand what the Jews in Nazi Germany went through This book tells the horrors of what Ellie Friedman s family went through during the last year of WWII I was aware of these attrocities, but I was not aware of what they went through after they were liberated It was like the world had come to an end during their imprisonment, and terrible things kept happening after they were freed The attitudes of some of their so called good neighbors who would not give them back their possessions when they got back to their devastated house Windows were taken away from the houses, including the hinges Human excrement piled on the floor in each room Not all of the Germans were hateful to them on their return Some brought food and clothing to share with themthose were the truly good Germans who were appalled at the treatment and murders of the Jews I would absolutely recommend this book It is always good to know the truth, and stories written by those who lived it are real eye openers, and a warning that these things should never happen again.

  6. Michael NATE Michael NATE says:

    I Have Lived a Thousand Years was one of the most interesting and exhilarating books I have read in a long time I decided to read this book for my English class in school based on reviews and it did not disappoint The story is about a young teenage girl s journey through the Holocaust from being captured to surviving Auschwitz to being freed The book is a true story as the author is the main character of the book Everything from the plot to the details to the flow of the book kept me entertained and enthralled the whole time Each time I picked up the book to read, it was nearly impossible to put it down The most interesting part of the book, in my opinion, was learning about everything that happened from first hand experience Truly being able to see how cruel the Nazis were and how terrible the conditions were was eye opening Obviously, I knew it was bad, but not that bad I rated this book four out of five stars because at some points it felt a bit rushed and a little detail could have been added Other than that, this book was extremely well written and I would suggest it to anyone that enjoys Holocaust stories or just a good book in general.