Free epub Malala: The Girl Who Stood Up for Education and Changed the WorldAuthor Malala Yousafzai –

I have never been so integrated by her book with our worlds society facts Women around the world, don t get the same liberties and rights that men do FACT , Women like Malala would be denied the chance of education if she hadn t fought for it Fact These were many of problems of todays society, when I even write this review my heart breaks after reading this book the toughest book I ve ever read, packed full of emotion and understanding by the world Why does the world come together after a disaster has happened Malala was outspoken by Taliban regime that took over SWAT, but nobody came for her aid or the millions that lived their I myself am working on an education project to help people like Malala before she came to the UK to get an education, with the constant support of public hopefully, I will be successful but I won t give up on trying to help people. I bought this for my daughter to read who is 9 years old Despite a few complex words, this has been an excellent book for her to understand the differences that exist for girls in different cultures It has helped her open her eyes, and interests, to explore the world around her and the attitudes of others towards the education of girls, Next to read A long walk to Water another excellent eye opener about a country at war and the destruction on ordinary families. A story of incredible bravery, from an inspirational child who refused to be bowed by the might of possibly the most powerful terrorist organisation She is the champion of all oppressed women and a champion of education for those women It was the most incredible read, I sobbed through most of the book, alternately sad for this poor little girl and all she has had to endure , and then filled with with hope that this young girl will over the next generation inspire our young people to take back the power from the despots, dictators and the oppressors and build a better world for all This should be on the curriculum for all teenagers to read, I was expecting a story about the girl Malala and her experience, but what I got was a story about what happens when there is a lack of education and a charismatic persuasive domineering person takes over a society country bit by bit, making it hard for people to know when to protest as there is no clear point where it is enoughthink of the anecdote of putting a frog in cold water and heating it upthe frog won t realise it is boiling to death until it is too late And when the government doesn t listen to concerned citizens from the beginning Young Reader S Edition In Malala Become The Youngest Ever Person To Be Awarded The Nobel Peace Prize Written In Collaboration With Critically Acclaimed National Book Award Finalist Patricia McCormick, Malala Tells Her Story From Her Childhood In The Swat Valley To The Shooting, To Her Recovery, And To New Life In England She S A Girl Who Loves Cricket, Gossips With Her Best Friends, And, On The Day Of The Shooting, Nearly Overslept And Missed An Exam A Girl Who Saw Women Suddenly Banned From Public, Schools Blown Up, The Taliban Seize Control, And Her Homeland Descend Into A State Of Fear And Repression This Is The Story Of Her Life, And Also Of Her Passionate Belief In Every Child S Right To Education, Her Determination To Make That A Reality Throughout The World, And Her Hope To Inspire Others PLEASE NOTE When You Purchase This Title, The Accompanying Reference Material Will Be Available In Your My Library Section Along With The Audio A very revealing insight into life in that part of the world and the inspiring courage of a young girl in the face of suchdiscriminatory attitudes towards females of all ages She is of much greater worth of than all those ignorant maleswho blindly follow, like sheep, the savagely brutal beliefs of evil hate preachers May she continue to lead andsucceed in her quest for equality for all girls and women. A great read Malala is a person I admire greatly and when I read this book I can hear her voice telling her story, with her humour it is obviously written by her and tells her amazing story, gives an insight into her personality and thoughts I would recommend it to anyone, especially here in the UK where we can have no idea what life is like in a Pakistan at war, under the Taliban and living in fear. Bought for a 10year old who had heard about Malala at school Very good edition, with coloured pictures and written at exactly the right level of understanding Recipient really enjoyed it Adults would also enjoy this book her Mum did, anyway