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I don t say this very often, but this is probably one of the most well written books I have come across lately Mathewes Green knows how to inform without being overly pedantic, boring, or losing depth The occasional bit of humor is also entertaining without losing overall seriousness despite how corny her jokes may be I thought most of them were pretty funny She addresses some important concepts from the Orthodox perspective, as well as the theological differences and positions East vs West, baptism, Sunday worship, cultural aspects, etc I definitely feel comfortable visiting the local Orthodox Church now after reading this book I m sure it s great But the lady s voice with this is so calming I fall asleep everytime She s very calming, relaxing. Very good and helpful Great understanding passed on in a great an easy way I am not Greek Orthodox Frederica is a wonderful and clear writer and she tackles several theological concepts that really helps clarify the GO stance on some key doctrines She really helped me to understand Greek Orthodoxy as much as one can I suppose without actually becoming one I would recommend this book for someone who would like to form an informed opinion on who they are and what they believe. An overall good introduction to Eastern Orthodox Christianity On the whole, recommended The style is serious and at the same time easy to read, with light touches here and there The author has presented the material in the context of a visit to an imaginary Orthodox parish, using descriptions of the building, clergy, and services as take off points for discussions of main Orthodox beliefs and practices This reviewer would make only minor points for not giving it five stars There are a few errors in citations of Bible verses wrong verse number, for instance , and some very conservative, traditional Orthodox Christians would object to using the title Saint for various individuals in the Catholic West after the separation from the East Nevertheless, the book can be recommended as a general introduction to eastern Christianity. This book is a very good starting point for an inquirer It dispels and debunks a lot of the common misunderstandings that people of other Christian denominations may have encountered when looking at the Orthodox faith from the outside It is a very gentle and non threateningpositive work, easy to read and understand Reading this after attending Divine Liturgy over the years has given me a recognition, richness and understanding of the experience that I did not have previously Highly recommend to non orthodox friends, family, or people who are just curiousor even to those Orthodox who have never received education about the traditions of the church Wonderfully done. Extremely readable, engaging, enjoyable and challenging.As an Anglican who has attended the Divine Liturgy a few times in Russian, once in Finnish but with a Bulgarian choir, but only once in English, I found Mathewes Greens format to be helpful and accessible.The divergence in theological understanding between East and West Roman, Anglican and Protestant was presented in a very chatty way that didn t put up straw men to knock down or try to win points Mother Frederica s aim to see the reader helped in their personal transformation in Christ was evident and permeated the whole book without clich s or being preachy. A wonderful book I m a Methodist who leans a considerable way towards Orthodoxy In terms of certain doctrines at least This book gives clear explanations of the elements of Orthodox worship that on first sight give cradle Protestant s like me cause to either raise their eyebrows, or run screaming to the writings of John Wesley Luther Calvin delete as appropriate It seems that when we take the time to try and understand what is alien to us, we are no longer frightened by it who d have thought it I have found this book immensely helpful in this regard I m not saying that it has made me ready to become a catechumin, but it has allowed me to at least not rule out the possibility. In Her Own Warm, Engaging Way, Frederica Takes Us On A Journey That Is Strange And Exotic For Those Previously Unfamiliar, And A Spiritual Refuge And Oasis For Those Who Have Embraced It This Just May Be The Church You Have Been Looking For And Didnt Even Know It ExistedJohn Maddex, CEO, Ancient Faith Ministries How Do You Introduce Eastern Orthodoxy Frederica Mathewes Green Suggests We Treat It As A Large, And Much Loved, Family House She Takes Us Round It, Showing Us All The Rooms And What Goes On In Them Her Conversational Style Is Completely Accessible, But Utterly Honest There Is Lots Of Information, And She Deals Directly With Problems To Be Encountered It Feels A Bit Like MussorgskysPictures At An Exhibition This Is A Wonderful BookThe Very Revd ArchpriestAndrew Louth, Professor Emeritus Of Patristic AndByzantine Studies, Durham University, Author OfIntroducing Eastern Orthodox Theology Frederica Mathewes Green, Author Of Facing East A Pilgrims Journey Into The Mysteries Of Orthodoxyhas Written A New Book About Getting To Know The Orthodox Church In It She Walks The Reader Through A Semi Fictional, Representative American Parish Of The Orthodox Church, Stopping To Chat Along The WayMathewes Green Is A Good Companion, Colloquial And Easy, Clear Even When She Dives Into Knotty Theological Controversies What Other Book Will You Read This Year That Gives A Quick Summary Of The Controversy Over The Double Procession Of The Holy Spirit But One Of The Great Things About Mathewes Greens Writing Is That, Unlike So Much From The CS Lewis School Of Christianity, She Does Not Live Entirely In The World Of Arguments She Writes With The Mind In The Heart,as The Orthodox Say Christianity Is Not Primarily A Philosophy Or Assent To A Set Of Propositions Its A Way Of Life Mathewes Green Never Loses Sight Of ThatThe Reader Gets What The Books Title Promises But The Best Reason To Read This Book Is That The Author Is Wise Wisdom Springs From Deep Roots Within A Well Ordered Soul, And Is Quite Different From The Things We Mistake It For Intelligence, Charm, Wit, Sympathy, Openness, Or Empathy Wisdom Is Rare In Public Discourse When You See It, You Recognize ItJ Mulrooney, New Oxford Review Plenty Of Books Deal With Christian Theology In Weighty And Abstruse Ways, But Precious Few Apply The Theology So Wholly To The Everyday Lived Realities Of Life, And In Such Easily Accessible Prose, As Does Welcome To The Orthodox Church This Bookfollows Exactly Frederica Mathewes Green S Tried And True Recipe, Of Lucid Writing Marked By A Strong Sense Of Humor, But Never Escaping From The Deepest Spiritual Realities Do Take Warning, Though If You Do Read This Thoughtful And Passionate Book, You Will Run The Risk Of Having To Take The Claims Of Orthodox Christianity Very Seriously IndeedPhilip Jenkins Welcome To The Orthodox Church Its History, Theology, Worship, Spirituality, And Daily Life This Friendly Guide Provides A Comprehensive Introduction To Orthodoxy, But With A Twist Readers Learn By Making A Series Of Visits To A Fictitious Church, And Get To Know The Faith As New Christians Did For Most Of History, By Immersion Mathewes Green Provides Commentary And Explanations On Everything From How To Venerate An Icon, To The Orthodox Understanding Of The Atonement, To The Lenten Significance Of Tofu Its The Perfect Book For Inquirers And Newcomers, But Even Readers Who Have Been Orthodox All Their Lives Say They Learned Things They Never Knew Before Enjoyable, Easy To Read, And Leavened With Humor, Welcome To The Orthodox Church Is A Gracious Guide To The Ancient Faith Of The Christian EastFrederica Mathewes Green Has Given Us A Warm And Inviting Defense Of Orthodox Christianity Without Being Defensive This Wonderful Book Explains The Roots Of The Ancient Truths And Traditions Of The Church In A Conversational Style To A Broad Audience Of Both Believers And Those Still Searching, While Avoiding Pedantic Language Which Can Be Off Putting A Great Book About The Great ChurchAndrew Natsios, Professor, George HW Bush School Of Government And Public Service, Texas A I Am Simply Thrilled That My Dear Friend Frederica Mathews Green Has Written This Primer On The Orthodox Faith First Of All, She Is One Of The Finest Writers Living As I Hope You Will See Shortly And Her Ability To Explain The Ancient Christian Faith To A Generation Hungry For Than Flimsy Rock And Roll Choruses And Relevant Sermons Is Without Parallel Let Me Say It Here This Book Will Change LivesEric Metaxas, New York Times Bestselling Author Of Miracles And Bonhoeffer Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy