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4 thoughts on “Green Animals On The Planet: Animal Encyclopedia for Kids (Colorful Animals on the Planet Book 2)

  1. Jones Family Jones Family says:

    I just received this ebook Green Animals On The Planet and absolutely LOVE it I really like the choices of the animals that they included in this book You have animals that are bright green all over their body all the way down to only having a little bit of green just on part of their body The photos are clear and crisp and it is easy to see the detail of the animals There is a title of what the animal is called and then there are short descriptions of what the animal is and what it does It then follows it up with just a couple of facts about the animals It is not very in depth information so due to this, I would put the age range of the book for kids that would really enjoy it from birth up to age 8 or 9 I have small children and they loved looking at the animals in this book along with me My 8 year old liked learning a little about the animals but just like with the book Yellow Animals On The Planet, the descriptions only include a couple of facts about the animals so my 10 year old lost interest a little faster He did say that he liked the photos though I don t see the smaller descriptions as a negative in any way, I just wanted you to know that it does not include a lot of information on each animal As long as you are not expecting that I think that you will thoroughly enjoy the book.I received this book for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review I gave this book a five out of five stars because I love the bright beautiful colors and the basic descriptions that make the book a joy for my 8 year old to read and my littler ones to look at the photos

  2. Tabitha Tabitha says:

    This book has great photos and gives far details about each animal than previous Baby Professor books we have read In this book my kids and I were introduced to various green animals such as the african bullfrog, the figeater beetle, the green tree python, the gilded hummingbird, the chameleon, the moray eel, the green lynx spider, the white lipped pit viper, the emerald swallowtail, the green sea urchin, the green iguana, the plain parakeet, the red eyed tree frog, and the praying mantis.Each page displays a different animal with roughly 3 sentences describing the animal such as it s length, weight, camouflage abilities, eating habits or habitat This book is higher up in reading levels than the previous Baby Professor animal books we have read I would say this is roughly late 2nd grade or 3rd grade level reading if your child is reading on their own.There are a few words spelled differently than we are used to such as spelling signaling signalling but that is how it is spelled in British English which may be a bit confusing to American readers Also, the measurements used in this book are all over the place Some animals will be described using imperial measurements while others are described using metric measurements Again, this may be a little confusing to young American readers but this could also be used as a learning opportunity to teach your child how different parts of the world use different measurements and have different spellings for words.My 6 year old son who loves any and all things green, loved this book and didn t notice the different measurements of course, but for young independent readers this book could be a bit confusing to them.

  3. KeithandKim KeithandKim says:

    This book is full of Green animals, and not just reptiles This was a great book to read to my daughter because we are working on color recognition and she loves learning about animals The pictures of the little green frog was her favorite We learned a lot of new facts about different animals The facts were kept short and sweet which was perfect to keep my daughter invested in the book The pictures joined with each fact was very nice, the pictures were great I also read this book to my son, he loves the snakes and the bird He know wants a snake, that won t happen but it is nice to see him interested in this book and its contents He asked questions and we went out and got another book all about snakes for him So this book by Baby Professor made my son want to learn with other books When the weather gets better I promised him we would go to zoos, aquariums and the Ecotarium so he could look for green animals This was such a good idea for a book, using the same color for animals joined with pictures and facts I am very pleased and would suggest this too my parent friends for their kids.We are a family that loves to read, this book, and many others by Baby Professor help us continue that tradition of reading individually and together.

  4. Ally S. Ally S. says:

    This is another great book by Baby Professor Anytime I come across another one of these books I immediately order it They are perfect for children of all ages In fact, my two year old LOVES these books and she asks to read them with me daily.I love that this book had organized animals by color I know that the audience of this book is probably aimed at a higher age than my 2 year old, but we are currently learning colors and this is a fantastic way to help her see the different colors in animals.The kindle editions have flawless formatting that is simple and easy to follow When we read these I sit along with my two year old and she is able to swipe for me after reading each page She really loves to swipe.Green Animals On The Planet Animal Encyclopedia for Kids Children s Animal Books contains 14 interesting facts about different types of green animals around the globe They are accurate and simple to understand There are 14 stunning and pretty photos of several different green animal species They are very high resolution and are great quality on a phone or tablet screen.I would definitely recommend this book and the entire series to parents, teachers and children of any age This product was provided to me for free or at a discount in exchange for my honest review All of my review above are 100% my own and they reflect my honest and unbiased opinion.