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In The Great Tradition Of The American Almanac, The Areas Of My Expertise Is A Brilliant And Hilarious Compendium Of Handy Reference Tables, Fascinating Trivia, And Sage Wisdom On All Topics Large And Small Although Best Sellers Such As Poor Richard S Almanack And The Book Of Lists Were Certainly Valuable, They Also Were Largely True Here Is A Different Kind Of Handy Desk Reference, One In Which All Of The Historical Oddities And Amazing True Facts Are Sifted Through The Singular, Illuminating Imagination Of John Hodgman, Which Is The Nice Way Of Saying He Made It All Up this is an outstanding book for those places where you only get a few minutes at a time to read the bedside, the bathroom, your backpack the author has a wonderfully wry, left of center sense of humour, and is unapologetic about constructing false facts to make his almanac interesting that, in itself, is a wonderfully subtle statement about how people tell their own stories.the only thing that keeps this book from getting 5 stars is that i was hoping for a TRUE almanac, just with wittier and stranger content that said, though, i was pleasantly surprised to find a gem of a book which finds its way into my mitts several times a week. Purchased as a gift for another Really went down a treat, and had a look at the book myself Really very funny, definitely worth a look in. This is honestly the funniest thing ive ever read I find humor in print isnt an easy thing to convey Just head to the humor section of any mega book store and you ll find that its lacking That being said i was very skeptical going into reading Hodgmans book Much to my surprise and amazement, it turned out to be a genuine laugh out loud read throughout So much so that i felt i need to share it with others and thus, this is my first review on If you are like me, you come to this site to check out reviews before buying books.There is a catch with this book, you really have to like and understand his kind of non sequitor humor As you can see in the reviews, theres alot of people who didnt like this book I think the problem is not that this book isnt hilariousit isi think its just a type of comedy that folks get or not Sooo i d suggest you bounce over to the books website areasofmyexpertice.com and look around and decide if his humor is your thing before buying As for me, ive already bought 4 additional copies to share with friends I think its that good.Then again, im one of the lucky few that will be ready for the next Hobo Wars.i know the signs. Hodgman has a perfect pen for the art of brilliant randomness I enjoyed this book from cover to cover as his sense of humor is precisely on the same vector as my own I would highly recommend this reading if you enjoy a delightful mix of clever factual fabrications and the juxtaposition of quick makes you think humor and sharp, scholarly diction I ve bought 5 copies as gifts for acquaintances that I like as well as those that I don t, in hopes that they will learn not to take life not quite so seriously Thank you John. Are you reading this review Hello Yes If you are, that means that you are somewhat likely perhaps maybe a little interested in this book or Audio CD for those of you that would prefer to receive your funny through a sense other than that disgusting eye reliant one Errr Now I ve forgotten what I was doing No no no, I remember now, I was writing a review of the most excellent The Areas of My Expertise by John Hodgman.Within this great tome or as Mr Hodgman put it cumbersome audio CD set , you may find interesting facts and trivia Or you may not, I m not psychic What I can tell you is that, to myself and several select friends, this is one of the most humorous books in the realm of literary genius Within minutes of opening this book assuming that you have chosen to read it and not just pretend to in order to impress members of the opposite sex with your ability to hold a book open and make thoughtful noises you will become overwhelmed with the literary hilarity, or as I am putting it literarity In short or tall , you ll laugh Quite a bit.If you enjoy such humorous things as a monkey boxing a cat, or a robot boxing a kangaroo, H.B s Hobo Boxes or just Boxcars themselves, you should or would be in your best interest to enjoy this book Immensely Greatly No, I will not combine another word.Ah Yes The review It is quite a good book cover, don t you think Blue and Orange, thats Nature s goodness And it can be right in your home Or car Or garbage bin of a material you selected when you purchased it the bin, not the book The cover contains knowledge What knowledge The knowledge of John Hodgman What John Hodgman Don t be silly It is the very John Hodgman who wrote The Areas of My Expertise The work contains interesting facts on furry lobsters, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and the attempted Hobo takeover of the United States Government in the 1930 s It also lists over six hundred and ninety nine names of the aforementioned Hobo folk.The end of the review A summary Buy the book or audio CD Buy it now, you will most likely not regret it unless you don t find it funny But many have, and you can too You want to, don t you Then buy it. Hodgman never fails to please We read the list of hobo names aloud from start to finish during a road trip, which took awhile because of all the giggling in addition to the sheer length of the list. This book is easily the funniest book I ve ever read, barring The Hitchhiker s Guide to the Galaxy and Without Feathers.This is essentially a book full of complete bull, but it s dead pan writing and surreal facts work together perfectly and has a magnificent timing From Hobos to Lobsters, this book covers all the areas of life Some bits go on too long and some bits I simply don t understand, but that doesn t take away anything from this magnificent read.A must for anyone looking to read a funny book or any book at all.