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Aside from the fact that the message is one we ALL need to hear, I love the layout of the book and the engaging questions it poses. I LOVE this author She is able to take concepts and break them down to a point that makes it easy to take purposeful action, even when she s talking about intangibles, like our self image and thought patterns Body neutrality not the same thing as body positivity is a relatively new concept for many, but it s so needed Rees practical instructions for changing the way insecurities about appearance can intrude into our thoughts are easy to understand, but not so simple that it feels like something you ve already figured out on your own Such as the confidence ladder steps to conquer fears of doing something because of the fear of judgment from others or how to face the insecurities and negative ways we feel brought on by seeing unflattering photos of ourselves This book is excellent, definitely not a fluff book it digs into the historical, societal, gender and racial issues that affect self image and it really makes you think I d recommend this book to all of the women in my life. I m only about a third finished with this book and I love it I found Beyond Beautiful on Instagram and I immediately wanted to buy this book Reading this book is like listening to a person talk directly to you the tone is very relaxed and at some times it can make you chuckle But the content is really valuable The page layout is also really cool There are cute, colorful illustrations and there are different sections throughout each chapter with reflection questions, women s personal experiences, and things to add to your toolbox that help you navigate your world This is much easier and interesting to read compared to huge formal blocks of text I have no complaints short and simple read with topics that are very easy to relate to it s a great starting point for those wanting to learn about body neutrality. Highly recommend I loved the Curated Closet and this book is so important because it goes beyond the outside and helps you see and love yourself for who you are. Some interesting points but a little bland in parts and needs to be tied together in a cohesive way. The Ultimate Guide To Building Confidence In Your Body, Beauty, Clothes, And Life In An Era Of Toxic Social Media Driven Beauty Standards A Self Confidence Bible That Every Woman Should Read Caroline Dooner, Author Of The F Ck It Diet Empowering, Insightful, And Psychology Driven, Beyond Beautiful Is Filled With Proven, No BS Strategies For Proactive Self Care This Stylish And Practical Handbook Takes A Deep Dive Into All Of The Factors That Make It Hard To Feel Good About Yourself, And Offers Sage Answers To Tricky Questions, Like Why Do I Hate The Way I Look In Pictures How Can I Stop Feeling Like A Total Slob Compared To Everyone On Social Media How Exactly Does This Self Love Thing Work How Do I Find The Confidence To Use Less Makeup, Stop Shaving, Or Wear What I Want Is Body Positivity Really The Answer Beyond Beautiful Is A Much Needed Breath Of Fresh Air That Will Help You Live Your Best Life, Know Your Worth, And Stop Wasting Any Precious Energy And Mental Space Worrying About The Way You Look Praise For Beyond Beautiful This Compact Book Delves Into Every Aspect Of The Body Image Problem And Sets Forth Feasible Ideas For Accepting One S Physical Appearance To Enhance Confidence And Joy Library Journal, Starred Review Rees S Emboldening Message Will Surely Help Any Reader Struggling With Self Confidence Publishers Weekly