Read pdf The Zuni Cafe Cookbook: A Compendium of Recipes and Cooking Lessons from San Francisco's Beloved RestaurantAuthor Judy Rodgers –

In May 2010 I had the pleasure of eating at Zuni Cafe in San Francisco Our meal was truly memorable for several reasons The food was delicious, visually lovely Impeccably served One homeless person stood starring in at the diners, another homeless person received money from a diner who had chosen to sit outside to enjoy her meal Eating such lovely food felt like a guilty pleasure As for the cookbook, it is not one I would choose to own The recipes such as Roasted Guinea Hen with Bay Leaves, Madeira, Dates would require an extensive investment of time are out of my reach except perhaps for special occasions In my humble opinion this book is for the connoisseur cook with plenty of time money. This was on a list of good reads from Bibliophile: An Illustrated Miscellany I scanned some of the recipes and cooking hints, but I pretty much know all of the hints after years of cooking Some of the ideas are outofdate or not using new technologies Not many of the recipes appealed to me, so I left the wellused and stained book at the library where I picked it up to browse. In The Zuni Café Cookbook, a book customers have been anticipating for years, chef and owner Judy Rodgers provides recipes for Zuni's most wellknown dishes, ranging from the Zuni Roast Chicken to the Espresso Granita But Zuni's appeal goes beyond recipes Harold McGee concludes, What makes The Zuni Café Cookbook a real treasure is the voice of Zuni's Judy Rodgers, whose book repeatedly sheds a fresh and revealing light on ingredients and dishes, and even on the nature of cooking itself Deborah Madison Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone says the introduction alone should be required reading for every person who might cook something someday Zuni Cafe CookbookThis book was exactly as described a compendium of recipes and cooking lessons There was also a fair amount of the author's history with food and the history of the Zuni Cafe The only thing that I think that could have improved this book would have beenand larger photographs I love to see photos of the food and there weren't any at least not in the Kindle edition. Incredible and dense Fun to read I'm not a great cook but I can follow a recipe and this book has some good ones. these book is so very good!! *Swoon* If I were traveling and could take only one book with me, I would have to choose between Don Quixote, The Gourmet Cookbook, and The Zuni Cafe Cookbook Zuni Cafe strikes a balance between storytelling and instruction gorgeous recipes, each worth lingering over in the text and over the stove (or chop block) Ms Rodgers sometimes makes recipescomplicated than they might be, but the improvement in taste and texture validate her suggestions and make the extra time and effort completely worth it When my brothers visit in a few days, they're going to enjoy her Mixed Lettuces with Roasted Cherries, Hazelnuts, and Warm SaintMarcellin alongside Zuni Roast Chicken and Peach Crostata Julia Carey, if you haven't been to the Zuni Cafe yet, please go quickly, and tell me all about it! Well written and beautifully illustrated but some recipes come across as a little dated and most call for incredibly expensive ingredients I have only made a couple of recipes from this cookbook, but have read most of it and am interested in trying ! I am especially intrigued by their renowned recipe for roasted chicken.But one of the recipes I've used a number of times now is the one for seafood essence, and that alone is worth the whole book We occasionally have a lobster feast, and this is a BRILLIANT and efficient way of utilizing the lobster shells and carapaces that would otherwise be discarded Also, one can save up shrimp shells, frozen, to add to the essence (if one does not use them to make shrimp butter, of course!) The essence is a lobster stock a quick one to make, needing cooking for only an hour or so then strained and cooked down until one has a tiny amount of pure lobster flavor (At some point, it is helpful to strain any sludge out of it.) Then put it in a small jar and freeze it One teaspoon of it can give a lovely lobster taste to almost anything!I am also eager to try her approach to perfect chicken stock.Very recommended! The recipes look amazing in general, and invite explorations I'm 3000 miles away from the restaurant, and sure wish I were not!