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Age, relationships, and careers — we are all unique Yet beneath the exterior facade we choose to show to the world at large, what do we have in common? The things we bury deep inside — the worries and fears we are unable to verbalize, and the hand fate takes in our lives is a common thread Sometimes we fail to recognize in each other that innermost struggle on the path to true love.Six very different stories, six couples linked by The Restaurant @ The Mill, owned by Hilary Marks and Ben Adams As the restaurant thrives the atmosphere is alive with conversation, snapshots of lives unfolding, each one a personal journey.Will Hilary learn to trust a man with her heart ever again? Why does Ben prefer the sanctuary of his kitchen? Will he finally open up and let the world in?And the diners—how will their lives play out?Charlotte kissed a lot of frogs before she found her Prince, but will it all fall apart after an accident changes the man she loves?Grace and Lawrence have been parted for than half a century Can an old secret bring them together for their twilight years?Isobel and David’s love is strong, but everything in their lives is changing Isobel is attractive and still a catch, but will she begin to tire of him now that it’s just the two of them?Will Sadie ever get Sam to see her as a serious love interest when he used to be engaged to her sister? Or will she always be the younger sibling?And Thomas, rich beyond most people’s wildest dreams, but still in love with the girl he knew at school – is he destined to be a sought after bachelor for the rest of his life?

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  1. Kathleen (Kat) Smith Kathleen (Kat) Smith says:

    Like ducklings to the water’s edge,
    They come, hungry and expectant
    To take in the ambience
    And linger awhile in The Restaurant.

    A melting pot of emotions
    And chatter fills the air,
    As we busily ferry plates
    To and from the kitchen.

    Toasts and tears,
    Celebrations and sadness,
    We’ve seen it all and know
    It goes full circle.

    The delights of each course
    Make them stop for a moment,
    Conversation forgotten,
    To savor that first heavenly taste.

    Success and smiles,
    Empty glasses and plates,
    Hunger satiated and more,
    Another pleasant evening at The Restaurant.

    For me, most memorable times and conversations have always taken place around a wonderfully prepared meal and delightful company, whether at family gatherings, holidays or just a special occasion. In the novel by Linn B. Halton, The Restaurant @ The Mill which used to be a flour mill at Huntingbridge in Gloucestershire involves the owners, Hilary Marks and Ben Adams and six different encounters with six very delightful and unique couples. This book is truly like getting six books in one beautiful written novel. The book opens with a brief history about each of the owners, first beginning with Hilary and her meeting with Ben Adams, her business partner.

    Hilary had what she believed was the perfect marriage with Josh, but then after a heartbreak she now views things from a different perspective looking back on things. She initially saw what she wanted to see instead of the reality of what was really happening and who Josh was after all. In hindsight, it's always easier to look back and see where the mistakes were made. How falling in love too fast often comes with blinders on. Had she taken a different approach to this relationship and slowed things down, perhaps she might have seen the signs that he was cheating on her. Perhaps she could have prevented opening her heart too quickly but once again love is blind when you are deeply involved. Now if she could simply find a way to trust a man again and realize they are all NOT like Josh! For now, she simply has chosen to immerse herself in work and running a restaurant. It is through this experience that her and Ben met and decide to become partners.

    The novel then moves into introducing us to the couples, first Sarah Lemington and her husband Michael Caringdale who received the Inn as a wedding present in the early 1800's. It is Sarah's ghost that the customers feel still lives at the Inn. It was called Huntingbridge Mill during their time as the first owners of mill before Sarah died in Michael's arms. He vowed never to remarry. It is believed that she remained at the Inn in spirit because it's where she feels closest to Michael and she was simply here to visit him. She didn't even realize she has passed on.

    The book goes on to detail the lives of the other couples at the mill during the seven years that Ben and Hilary have been the owners and how they each have had an impact on one another as well as a connection to the Mill; Charlotte and Nick, Grace and Lawrence, Isobel and David and Sadie and Sam. But you'll have to pick up a copy of this book to get to know their stories and how they are all intertwined in a most delightful way!

    I received The Restaurant @ The Mill by Linn B. Halton compliments of Reading Addictions Blog Tours for my honest review and have to say, I really enjoyed this one. I could completely imagine owning an renovated flour mill in the heart of a hamlet in England and could hear the babbling stream that Linn describes as they were beginning their business. A kitchen has always been the heart of a home and for me as a book lover, this one really appealed to my book lover's heart as well with the warmth and love she spent creating her characters and each of their personal stories! I rate this book a 5 out of 5 stars and can only hope Linn will write more like this in the future.


    Hilary and Ben opened The Restaurant @ The Mill together as business partners and distant friends. As time passed, their relationship deepened. Their restaurant developed a set of regular patrons whose lives and relationships also are chronicled. And in the background is Sarah, the original hostess of the Mill who has never quite left.

    The Restaurant @ The Mill is a series of chapters chronicling the lives of Hilary and Ben, the owners, and their customers and friends, Charlotte and Nick, Grace and Lawrence, Isobel and David, Sadie and Sam, Thomas, and the aforementioned Sarah. Each chapter is written from the point of view of one of the characters with the chapter title giving a hint of the topic and direction of the chapter. The fascination of the novel lies within the growth of the characters as we watch Ben's personality develop, as we follow the relationship of Charlotte and Nick, and learn the fate of Sadie and Sam, as well as the others. This is a well-written novel with a fascinating premise. I think any reader will enjoy Isobel's burgeoning career as an author, and as a food blogger and fantasy restauranteur, I loved the restaurant setting. This was the first of Ms. Halton's novels for me, but I will be looking for them from now on.

    Definitely a 5 star novel.

    *Disclosure of Material Connection: I am a member of Reading Addiction Blog Tours and a copy of this book was provided to me by the author. Although payment may have been received by Reading Addiction Blog Tours, no payment was received by me in exchange for this review. There was no obligation to write a positive review. All opinions expressed are entirely my own and may not necessarily agree with those of the author, publisher, publicist, or readers of this review. This disclosure is in accordance with the Federal Trade Commision’s 16 CFR, Part 255, Guides Concerning Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising*

  3. J.B (Debbie) J.B (Debbie) says:

    A business opportunity suddenly presents itself to Hilary in the form of the very shy but very talented chef Ben. Together, the couple buy an old mill and renovate it to become a popular restaurant set in idyllic countryside. The Restaurant @ The Mill soon becomes a local meeting place. Its a retreat for some, a meeting place for others and somewhere that many find friendship. The mill soon brings together a unique group of people each with their own story to tell. As if this wasn't enough to make such a place special, there is a resident ghost looking in on the patrons personal struggles. Will the Mill change Hilary and Ben's life too?

    I love books such as The Restaurant @ The Mill as they weave the individual stories of groups of people together in such a way that each becomes connected somehow by a common theme. The story is told through the personal accounts of the group of 6 couples and the reader is given a history behind their story and follows them on their journey. Some are searching for love, some are battling personal demons and others are merely searching for direction. Ben and Hilary have secrets and buried heartbreak and soon find that The Mill changes them too.

    This book is extremely well written and flows at a steady pace. The characters are interesting and the reader soon has an interest in what is going on for them. Many have problems that we can all relate too, thus making their stories believable. The reader becomes invested in the outcome for each character and I found myself wishing for a particular outcome for each. This is a lovely book to curl up with. I'd highly recommend it. I love Linn B Halton's books as they never disappoint.

  4. Sheryl Browne Sheryl Browne says:

    If you fancy a quiet afternoon in the sun (or curled up in a cosy armchair) this is a book I would recommend you choose for company. I warmed immediately to the characters and quite simply knew I wouldn’t be distracted (not even by my inner-guilt gene telling me I should be doing something else!).

    Exploring the lives and loves of six very different couples, linked by The Restaurant @ the Mill, I couldn’t help wondering whether the author had set herself a bit of a challenge. She had – but pulled it off beautifully. I started reading and immediately wanted to see how the individual stories panned out. I was particularly impressed at how believable the characters were, from Charlotte and Sadie, just embarking on love’s young dream, through more mellow middle-aged love, to a couple scared their relationship might not survive retirement, and beyond, each character was unique and totally relatable to. We have the heartbreak of separation and loss, people damaged by life and love, people just dealing with life – all wrapped up in a beautiful cover. The ghost was a nice touch.

    Go on, indulge.

  5. Immortal Book Immortal Book says:

    Immortal Book Reviews

    The Restaurant @ the Mill

    Linn B. Halton

    ISBN 978-1-938404-14-6

    Review published 21st July 2016

    I can honestly say I fell head over heels in love with this book almost from page one, there was so much in there to keep you fully engaged that it was a delight. It is one of the few books I could honestly not put down until I had finished and I found I was still reading in the wee small hours, just me and a box of tissues.
    The people have been given real depth of character and you feel could almost step out of the pages fully realised, plus the story is so beautifully crafted you almost feel you are going through their individual issues with them as a confidant. You are left with a heartwarming impression of each and every person she writes about in the Mill. Throughout the book you are taken on a real emotional roller coaster and by turns I found myself sad, desolate, overjoyed, rooting for the underdog, grinning like an idiot, giggling and sobbing into my pillow.
    Having purchased and read Ms Halton's other novels, I find her to be a truly gifted and emotive writer who has become one of my all time favourites. To whom I return time and again, re-reading her books over and over, until at last a new one becomes available for me to devour. I do however think The Restaurant @ the Mill will always be my favourite because it was the first of her books I read and also its ethereal quality, but I do wish she could write as fast as I read.
    The locations used are so beautifully chosen and put to paper they are brought to life in the readers mind, descriptive writing at its very best! There has also obviously been a great deal of research into a lot of diverse areas behind the characters hobbies etc but this comes across as effortless, and is beautifully written with a complete understanding of her inspiration.
    For me the way the book is split into seasons is nice way to achieve the overall appeal of the book. This in turn was split into nice size chapters, making it easy to pick up where you leave off although that was on the odd occasion I was able to put it down ( the odd tea and cake break is a necessity ). This is a really good size book and is paced perfectly to keep your interest the whole way through, part of the pull is the interconnection of storylines which on the surface seem unrelated and are often not fully resolved leaving the reader to drawer their own conclusions but filling in just enough information to allow you to do so, which is a welcome relief.
    Sarah’s final words really pull the silvery threads of each storyline together wonderfully in a beautifully soft paranatural unveiling of her story at the end and essentially you are left bereft when you finish the last page and have to put your friends on the bookshelf, hoping when you look next in the bookshop a new publication by Ms Halton will have magically appeared.

    Please be aware, I do not accept free books from Authors or Publishers. I choose the books I review, my blog, my choice, my opinions thank you xIx

  6. Ashley Chen Ashley Chen says:

    The Restaurant @ The Mill

    First of all, I have to say that I don't think I had ever read something like this book. It dealt with many issues that circulate around us. This book was different and was very refreshing for me. This book was written in multi POVs (which kind of reminded me of Triggers by Robert J Sawyer and his ability to write with so many characters but having the control to manipulate them all). But this style of writing can get bad if not done well. I mean think about the TV show Heroes, the multi POVs really got bad as the series went on. The characters became disjointed, too spread out that the show fell apart. But I think Linn did a good job writing in the multi POVs. Linn's ability to pull off writing in such different wide ranges of love amazed me. I mean just by reading the synopsis, you could see the different love story at different age group with different situations. I really how Linn could connect lots of these characters. I literally thought that a spider was weaving an intricate web. Unlike Heroes, as the characters grew as the story went on the web didn't weaken. I really like this style, it really allows the readers to get deep within everyone, see and feel what the characters feels. This style really can captures a reader's heart and soul. Linn did a good job but I think Linn could reach aim higher and achieve better. :) I also really enjoyed how this book was about the true struggles of relationship.

    I really enjoyed every character. Hilary to me was someone I want to work with. She was kind and patient. Ben I think was like a male version of me; he was reserved, and quite. Charlotte and Nick, wow. Okay, just by reading the synopsis part for them I knew this situation was difficult. You can truly feel the pain when you lose the thing you treasured. And it would always hurt more to lose something than to have never possessed the thing in the first place. I really felt for the couple (this was especially painful when I thought of Sasuke and Naruto - Stella if you are reading this, please don't judge me). Thomas was an interesting. I couldn't really pin him down, and I don't think I could even now. Sadie was someone like Orihime. She was the kind gentle heart that always had a positive mind to everything. Like Orihime, she bloomed as the story went on. I don't know if I can say I loved her but I didn't dislike her. Grace and Lawrence's story was almost as touching as Charlotte and Nick's. I mean having the elderly relationship within the story, it really opened up the scoped. Providing the readers with old memories, just deepened the relationship between characters and readers. Isobel, David, and Lionel's story I think I liked the least mainly due to the fact I had read many books dealing with almost love triangle. But above all, I really didn't expect Sarah' story. It was something different, I really enjoyed it.

    Overall, the interconnection between each stories, each characters interlace a wonderful novel.

  7. Vibina Venugopal Vibina Venugopal says:

    The restaurant @ Mill is a wonderful tale of people who lives are at the focus @ the Restaurant...The whole plot is engaging, hard to ignore...Initially my take was OMG, with so many chracters around how the plot is going to appeal?? And that is the beauty of the whole novel, there are layers of human characters whose life track converse and come together then move apart carrying their own vantage to go ahead..Human fear of lose ,of being left alone, betrayal are all just not preached but carved neatly by various characters..Hilary is a strong head with a failed marriage with not so good career, from there on she steered her way to a strong career with greater vision finally with Ben to hold on to..Whenever she speakes she makes sense, even through her fear she holds on to her faith in her fellow human.. I completely loved Hilary, be it managing the restaurant, renovating from the Mill , getting burned up in oven ( I am sure I found that amusing apart from Ben)..I loved this particular quote from her...
    "Life throws all sorts of things in our path and sometimes it's hard to cope. You survived and that's what counts . Remember that life is short, and you can't afford to have regrets."
    Ben on the other hand is shy and always short for words for expression, initially unsettled later Hilary learn to barge through the silence to understand even when he builds a wall between them, which is later revealed to be largely due to his own insecurities and confusions...I loved the way Halton brought about the renovation of Mill to a wonderful restaurant, every minute detail is seen through, I found myself with Hilary and Ben finishing up the job enjoying the country side, their small get together, local stories and their company....Mya is a charmer though only next to Thomas Quinn..Mya is vivacious and goes the restaurant taking up the orders, making merry .,hiding in her loss and struggle to solve a complicated relationship with Sam...Grace and Lawrences' love that has been stripped off them by parental pressure that has been finding new dimension after years highlighting age is not a barrier when it comes to love.. Nick and Charlotte are an unlikely couple who meet and find their little space of togetherness that lasts forever..I also liked the dash of ghost's presence time and again...All characters are believable characters, you might come across everyday , they are not dramatic but very much in sync with life...This book emphasis that life may not pump in happiness all through, yet through every bump.,love and faith can create lots of happiness to fill in for a life time..Halton has taken care of every aspect., the book opens up in Autumn symbolically representing that fact that ., things are yet to be sorted out ., slowly and steadily every bit is placed together solving a jumbled puzzle...This book would be an absolute treat to anyone who love to read about different human attribute with all shades put in perfectly...

  8. Kate’s Book Spot Kate’s Book Spot says:

    I struggled to get into the story to begin with but I’m not sure if that was the books fault or because I had just returned from holiday, either way it didn’t last long and I was soon hooked by the characters and each of their personal stories, which were told through the seasons.

    Hilary was a lovely character who was always there for others, she definitely gave off a caring agony aunt vibe. She knew that Ben wasn’t telling her everything about himself and yet she still didn’t push him to open up, instead waiting for him to share when he felt ready. It took me a while to figure Ben out, he was very quiet and reserved and this just made me want to know his secrets more!

    I absolutely loved Sadie, even after a family tragedy she was still a happy and bubbly character and this made her really likeable to me. I enjoyed watching her grow in confidence throughout the book as she came to some firm decisions about what she wanted out of life.

    Thomas was a shrewd businessman but wasn’t so good with his personal life, the reasons behind this were something that I hadn’t expected and I liked that I hadn’t been able to figure it out before.

    At times I found Charlotte and Nick’s story difficult to read but only because I felt so worried for them, they were struggling with their life together and I found myself really hoping things would turn out for the best between them.

    Grace was an amazing character, tales from her past made me feel so sad and later on when things were starting to go right for her she received some devastating news that brought tears to my eyes.

    I really enjoyed reading about Isobel’s first steps into writing fiction, it was fascinating to find out about the thought processes that go along with writing a book. When she met Lionel I had a feeling that it would only end in disaster especially with David being around so much after his retirement.

    On top of all these characters was the addition of a spirit called Sarah, she was a fabulous twist to the story and her tale was as interesting as the rest. The epilogue was great, it was very different and really left me smiling!

    This book covered some very difficult issues (bereavement, family rifts and an unplanned pregnancy to name just a few) but I felt that they were written well and with care, I feel confident that most people would be able to relate to at least one character and that is what makes this book so readable for me.

    I loved how the individual stories tied together and made me feel personally involved with them all, also the descriptions of the mill and it’s surroundings enabled me to picture everything so easily.

    This is a thought-provoking book that has everything from romance to ghosts, definitely worth a read!

  9. Beth Cutwright Beth Cutwright says:

    After reading The Quintessential Gemini, I was so ready to read The Restaurant @ the Mill! I was so delighted with reading this book....we are all people, we have our careers, our passions, our joys and our disappointments, but when reduced to our lowest elements, we all want to be loved and to be accepted by those who make our lives livable. Ben and Hilary own the Restaurant at the Mill, which includes a resident ghost walking the interior and peering into the fast paced lives and the pain filled lives that visit the mill. That would be Sarah, non intrusive but affected by the lives visiting the historical mill. Ben and Hilary, although married have communication issues. Ben is fearful and withdrawn and makes it difficult to communicate to Hilary how very much he loves her and appreciates her.
    Sadie and Sam have a lot to work out as well. Sam used to be Sadie's sister, Mya's boyfriend, but now that Mya is gone, can she convince Sam to Love her? Visitor's to the inn include Grace and Lawrence who were young lovers torn apart by their families and are now coming together in their golden years. Grace has a secret she needs to share with Lawrence, but what will the revelation do to their second chance at love? Thomas lost his first love Catherine years ago also....now that he is wealthy and she is again single, will they be able to build a life together? Nick and Charlotte had it all when fate knocked a little harshly on their door...now they have a child and do not how to live together. Will they make it through the hard times? And then my favorite couple who visit the Mill, David and Isobel, married to their soul mates, children grown and David retires and is at loose ends. Isobel has become active in a writing group & questions why she is taken with a widower who she met while dogwalking...will she act on her attraction to him?
    All these folks were developed in a very rounded fashion and you come away feeling like you really know them and can understand their individual fears and frustrations and you want them all to be happy....just as Sarah does.
    I can not compliment Linn B Halton enough for sharing her amazing cast of characters with the reader...at least this reader. I want to be one of the gang at the mill. I'd like Sarah to try to sort me out. And one thing I noticed is that Chapter headings indicate what character is speaking and it's so much easier to follow what is being said by knowing that up front! I honestly recommend this book...it is all about love and how we struggle with honesty, overcoming our fears, and learning to live life to the fullest! Well Done ! Very well done indeed!

  10. Nikki Bywater Nikki Bywater says:

    The Restaurant @ the Mill is the heart of the story. The restaurant is run by Hilary Marks and Ben Adams and not only do we get to read their story, but we have six completely different stories about characters who work, or are customers of the restaurant. Each of the characters are facing their own problems and overcoming obstacles, in their lives.

    Can Hilary learn to trust again after her first marriage ended badly? Will running the restaurant with Ben be just what she needs to move on? And can Ben leave his own private world and find the confidence to speak and share his feelings?

    After tragedy strikes Sadie finds herself getting close to Sam. But is she getting too close and does she now need to distance herself, so that they can both move on?

    David and wife Isobel have shared a long past, but David worries that once he retires things may change. What will become of their future?

    Grace and Lawrence reunite after parting fifty years ago. Can a secret they share be the bond that brings them back together?

    Charlotte is married to Nick; they have a perfect life, until Nick is involved in a serious accident that will change their lives forever.

    Thomas is lucky as far as money is concerned, he has it all and is so rich he could have everything, but when it comes to love, has his luck run out?

    I love books about people, and books that have a good variety of characters make such interesting and fascinating reads. And this is what you get with this book. The characters in the book are all completely different and are somehow connected with the restaurant. Has we read their stories we become completely involved in their lives and their emotions, taking us on a journey of discovery about people and what and how they deal with what life throws at them. I also enjoyed that there is a touch of the paranormal to the story too that also connects the characters. Just a wonderful, warm and touching read from author Linn B Halton.