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Those Who Know Kurt Vonnegut As One Of America S Most Beloved And Influential Writers Will Be Surprised And Delighted To Discover That He Was Also A Gifted Graphic Artist This Book Brings Together The Finest Examples Of His Funny, Strange, And Moving Drawings In An Inexpensive, Beautifully Produced Gift Volume For Every Vonnegut Fan Kurt Vonnegut S Daughter Nanette Introduces This Volume Of His Never Before Published Drawings With An Intimate Remembrance Of Her Father Vonnegut Always Drew, And Many Of His Novels Contain Sketches Breakfast Of Champions Included Many Felt Tip Pen Drawings, And He Had A Show In Of His Drawings At New York S Margo Feiden Gallery, But Really Got Going In The Early S When He Became Acquainted With The Screenprinter Joe Petro III, Who Became His Partner In Making His Colorful Drawings Available As Silkscreens With A Touch Of Cubism, Mixed With A Paul Klee Gift For Caricature, A Calder Like Ability To Balance Color And Line, And Than A Touch Of Sixties Psychedelic Sensibility, Vonnegut S Aesthetic Is As Idiosyncratic And Defiant Of Tradition As His Books While Writing Came To Be Onerous In His Later Years, Making Art Became His Joyful Primary Activity, And He Made Drawings Up Until His Death In This Volume, And A Planned Touring Exhibition Of The Drawings, Will Introduce Vonnegut S Legion Of Fans To An Entirely New Side Of His Irrepressible Creative Personality If you ve seen Vonnegut s drawings then you know not to expect too much The insights from his daughter and friends are great Read this after you ve read a few books by Vonnegut to get out of it. Nanny Vonnegut follows in her father s magnanimous footsteps by sharing personal, family memories in her introduction The Vonnegut fan will love fondly remembering the Vonnegut clan with whom they became familiar in so many of Kurt s writings Said fan will also smile knowingly at the allusions references to Kurt s writings Fan of Vonnegut or not, any reader is sure to feel the warmth of this short piece.So why 4 stars Well, it s a book of art, not writing And, really, I m not a huge art fan, especially when it comes to abstract art While I do own some of Kurt s artwork Trout in Cohoes limited edition of 18 this is 18 18 Artist Proof I own it as an obsessed fan than anything else In fact, that very motivation led me discover and begin to decorate my house with Nanny s artwork as well Sneakers with a personal note describing the significance of the piece from Nanny and one on the way to commemorate the birth of Reese Elisabeth Floridia For of Kurt s artwork, check out for of Nanny s, check out I completely agree with Peter Reed when he writes in his essay, a preamble to Vonnegut s drawings, that he thinks this book may lead to a deeper understanding of Vonnegut s personality and add insight into his fiction The surrealist, abstract, cubist drawings doodles, art are windows into the perspective and thoughts of Vonnegut They re playful and colorful, at times straightforward, at times complex They were also eerie and dark at times referring to the lines section, mostly Reed also mentioned that as Vonnegut started having trouble with his writing, he began to draw often There are constraints in writing, as in not being able to capture a thought, concept, or scene appropriately enough Vonnegut used art as a way to reach those complex, intangible thoughts and ideas that couldn t be expressed so easily in writing.This book is broken up into sections according to what kind of drawing it is I grew enad with these sections self portraits, women, letters, and looking at things Overall, really great and impressive Made me want to doodle I have been doodling, actually The drawings were a lot ambitious than what I expected since I was accustomed to the doodles found in his books Also made me love Vonnegut even How talented can one human be If you like Vonnegut, you will want to see this book If not, well, as he himself said, when asked how it is he got a gallery showing of his art in Manhattan, It s because they heard of me The art, which his daughter calls doodles is very colorful, influenced by Paul Klee, seems like, simple pen and ink and bright colors, some abstract, some portraits As writing became harder for him, he turned and to art, which he loved to I lear this from the lovely intro by his daughter Nanny, and a short and unpretentious essay by Paul Reed The art is fun to look at, playful, humorous, sketches, but better than just your grandpa s doodles It feels like is is cubism that may be the strongest influence here There s joy and craziness Really fun book to read and view As a fan of Vonnegut who was familiar with some of his life history, I imagine I can get a feel for him in the art I always liked how he drew in some of his books, little whimsical illustrations The art here feels ambitious than that Good stuff Vonnegut fans a must