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A fast paced semi memoir about diners, drugs, and California in the s Over Easy is a brilliant portrayal of a familiar coming of age story After being denied financial aid to cover her last year of art school, Margaret finds salvation from the straightlaced world of college and the earnestness of both hippies and punks in the wisecracking, fast talking, drug taking group she encounters at the Imperial Caf , where she makes the transformation from Margaret to Madge At first she mimics these new and exotic grown up friends, trying on the guise of adulthood with some awkward but funny stumbles Gradually she realizes that the adults she looks up to are a mess of contradictions, misplaced artistic ambitions, sexual confusion, dependencies, and addictions Over Easy is equal parts time capsule of late s life in California with its deadheads, punks, disco rollers, casual sex, and drug use and bildungsroman of a young woman who grows from a na ve, sexually inexperienced art school dropout into a self aware, self confident artist Mimi Pond s chatty, slyly observant anecdotes create a compelling portrait of a distinct moment in time Over Easy is an immediate, limber, and precise semi memoir narrated with an eye for the humor in every situation I understand that this was a slice of life story I can appreciate that about this work The cast of characters were interesting enough to make me continue reading but I wanted SOMETHING to happen It was very generic and in the life of It was set in an interesting time period, about the transition from the 70s to the 80s but stillI wantedout of it that I never got. This graphic novel had a really wonderful visual style, and it did an excellent job of creating the world of a California diner in the 70s Unfortunately the story was fairly lackluster and I ended up feeling like there wasn t a particular reason for me reading the graphic novel in the first place. Not sure where this one came from or where it went, it just kind of splashed on the shore for a while, and then all of a sudden it was over It was pleasant enough while it lasted, don t get me wrong breezy, I guess The late 1970s, California, a small restaurant, young adults, lifestyle, wit, heart, some sex and drugs and rock n roll, some quietly poetic moments Nothing earth shattering, mind you, but charming in a pointless kind of way and isn t that the only kind of charm there is I made an illustrated review of this book at the LA Review of Books I made an illustrated review of this book at the LA Review of Books