Audiobooks Living the Troth (Our Troth, #2) –

Our Troth is the single most comprehensive book available on the reborn religion of Heathenry the pre Christian religion of the Germanic peoples First published inbut out of print for years, Our Troth is back in print, featuring updates and additions from its original compiler, Kveldulf Gundarsson, and from many other Heathen writers, all edited by well known author Diana L Paxson Volumecovers the Heathen holy year, lore and rites for the major holidays, and ways to work Heathenry into every facet of life It includes an extensive glossary and reading list for further study This two volume set is the best pair of books on Norse paganism I ve read to date. This is such an excellent resource for learning about Germanic and Scandinavian heathen beliefs The level of historical detail and thoughtful, respective interpretations to guide the reader towards to understanding and possibly living in sync with the traditional spiritual ways of the Germanic and Scandinavian tribes in really unparalleled I would think these two volumes are pretty much mandatory for any heathen household and would be a great resource for anyone on the subject matter. Leans far too heavily on personal interpretations and borrowing from other neo pagan beliefs instead of relying on scholarship reminds me of Heathenry in the late 80s and early 90s.