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I don t know why Mur Lafferty isn t well known than she is She has interesting plots, and she writes well, with a natural conversational style that flows well Having been a fan of her novel Playing For Keeps which I listened to in podcast form , and as a regular listener to her I Should Be Writing podcast, I thought it was time to dive into her Afterlife series, of which this is the first novella Written, I think, before Playing For Keeps , this tells the story of friends Kate and Daniel, who die together in a car crash and then find themselves travellers through various interpretations of heaven This is an enjoyable first book in the series, and sets the scene well for the story to come I ll enjoy reading the other novellas in due course. Here s the thing about Heaven for reasons that have nothing to do with the story itself, I m having a hard time giving this ebook a hard review.I m a fan of Mrs Lafferty s podcast, I Should Be Writing I like her as a human being I understand the context in which Heaven was published it s an independent, self published ebook based on a series of podcasts by Mrs Lafferty It s innocent fun and not meant to take itself seriously Not only that, but the ebook was gifted to me by a good friend of mine, and friend of Mur Lafferty.But then I thought of Hollywood movies, and how I hate when a review says, It s just mindless fun as if that excuses shoddy writing, poor characterization and poor plotting So in the interest of fairness, and hoping such a critique will be constructive to the author, I ll speak my mind.Simply put, Heaven isn t very good It s very short, not very well written, and the action is all over the place I know Mur Lafferty wrote it as a serial, and unfortunately it shows the story starts as a bittersweet exploration of unrequited love in the aftermath of one s own death then moves on to afterlife tourism and finally takes on absolutely insane ambitions of grandeur as our heroes play a pivotal role in heavens of various mythologies The characters just get swallowed up by the events.The character of Kate is, I m sad to say, a Mary Sue She is not defined much, beyond her unrequited love for Daniel When the events hint at her playing a spectacular role in Heaven, I was left puzzled as to why this would happen to someone like her Worse still when the narrative POV changed halfway through the novel to Daniel, I kept forgetting who was narrating the story I kept assuming it was still Kate, because nothing distinguished their voices.I take Heaven as something of a warning for self publishing online Yes, it s a marvelous alternative to the crippled publishing industry But at the same time, it can bypass the very critical need of a good editor, who can sit down the author and help him or her fix some broken parts of her story What s even frustrating is, as a rough first draft, Heaven isn t bad It s got good ideas that need to be fleshed out It s got an outline of a plot But unfortunately, it went straight to publication without reaching its full potential.If the novella had characters that were fleshed out with unique character voices if the mythologies were given real character and depth instead of being simple pop culture props of mythology if the cosmic events were dialed back to focus on the characters and the implications of what Heaven is on their relationship then this would be a pretty decent way of spending an evening of reading. What if Heaven wasn t all it s cracked up to be Friends Kate and Daniel find that after their untimely deaths, Heaven leaves them dissatisfied and itching for something else So they re off, with a passport to discoverafterlifes, heroes and gods During their adventures, they find out that their travel isn t a journey taken on a whim, but may be orchestrated, or even prophesied. Book number 24 to my 2012 Reading Challenge is Heaven by Mur Lafferty Heaven is the first installment of the series also entitled Heaven, which consists of five parts This series cannot be found in a physical novel format however, can be downloaded as a podiobook.Several years ago, in 2008, even before my husband and I were engaged, my husband strongly recommended this podiobook to me After listening to two or three seasons himself, he continuously urged me to give it a try, guaranteeing that I would love it especially the part about dog heaven At the time, I brushed him off, snootily stating over and over again that my preference was to visit real books, ones with little physicality It was not until our long drive from Toronto to Mont Tremblanc that I finally open up to the idea After listening to the first episode, I was immediately addicted to Mur Lafferty s story telling and characters.This year, I decided to finish up the series and listen to the fifth installment Upon listening to it in my car, I realized that I no longer knew any of the associating characters So here I am at the starting point once again and enjoying myself just as much as I did the first time around Heaven divulges on a story about two best friends, Kate and Daniel, who die at the young age of 24 And that it just the beginning Luckily, both end up in heaven and they learned that heaven isn t all that it is cracked up to be and ironically, there are some parts that are exactly the way that priests and religious figures from Earth describe it They wander through several heavens from different religions as travelers Little does Kate know, they are on a mission from God a specific mission that only they can be en tasked with.My favourite part in the book is the section about view spoiler dog heaven And if you know me, I don t even have to explain why But for those who don t, I can tell you that I really love my dogs I adopt rescue dogs and have been doing it for several years They are smart, loyal, quirky and can be real friends if you give them the opportunity And that s only my short version, so you could imagine what a goobering mess I was listening to dog heaven As I drove home listening to the part about dog heaven, there came a point where I knew the main character, Kate, had to leave her dog behind Knowing what was to come, I automatically bawled up Cheeks glistening with tears as I drove by curious drivers, I listened to what I knew would be inevitable Although knowing did not it easier for me hide spoiler Many of the reviews of this book are for the audiobook version and many reviewers talk about their fondness for the author s voice, her podcasts, and things other than this work I came to this serial through the ebook version, so I have none of that other stuff to influence me for better or worse It reads like a YA book with its teen characters and their continual befuddlement at virtually everything around them I m not sure if that was the author s intention but having great a lot of YA in recent years I m comfortable considering this book alongside that material As it was written as a serial and as there are now an additional four volumes that have been released in the six years since this first book was released I am put in mind of Jim Butcher s first Dresden book, written for a class challenge There is a lot to build on in this first book and I feel like rating it with kindness that many things other reviewers saw as flaws in the story or characters will be smoothed out through the follow up works In any case, Heaven was interesting enough to bring me back to he series looking for the next installment. In my recent days I ve found myself to be far forgiving on things in regards to fiction that I decide to spend time reading Maybe it s from learning about the craft of writing that has given me insight Perhaps one day I hope to be given some mercy whenever I manage to get something published myself This week I finished Mur Lafferty s Heaven book one of the Afterlife series and I must say I m impressed The story follows Kate and Daniel as they die and find themselves in heaven and bored The two get sent out to visit other versions of heaven in search for lost souls While faffing about these Stereotypical 21st century representatives inadvertently kick off doomsday in various different belief systems The story is very well written, characters exhibit growth, and it was a very easy read I really loved the Faulkner first person approach with the first chapters just to become third person on the last chapter I ve seen plenty authors craft confusing dribble by switching voices between protagonists but Mur pulls off the trick beautifully I also enjoyed the dialogue in this work Having been a fan of Ditch Diggers Mur s podcast I could hear the honest banter as the author s true persona came through The authenticity of the truth within the lie of fiction was an ideal blend and a tribute to a well rounded writer There were a few thing I saw that could have been better I think that the book of Kate spoke fluidly than the Book of Daniel Whenever he took over narrative It seemed that he bled a lot of the spirit from the journey It was almost as if he wasn t as well known to the author as Kate was The action stayed at a really good pace and I m glad that details didn t lag, however, some diversity to the stage would have been nice It seems heaven is very grey dull Even Elysium seemed less spectacular with the exception of the colosseum The concept of the book was great but it rung a lot of bells that reminded me of Seasons of the Mist It s as if Mur simple picked up where Neil Gaiman left off with that set I saw so many opportunities to make changes to the characters of various gods instead of the tried and true routine I guess given the subject matter the safer bet would be such method Despite the minor issues which are based on my personal precepts this book was remarkable done, and a addictive read There was so many deep set hooks I m willing to fork over rent money to see what happens next. It all started like an essay about life, short life, and death, quick and sad What it then morphed into was something similar to Philip Jos Farmer s To Your Scattered Bodies Go of the Riverworld series It became an adventure book with a mythological theme.I liked the writing, as it was engaging and I could really connect with it The characters weren t that complex, but I have a feeling this story wasn t as much about characters as it was about their journey and mission.Most definitely a most peculiar read, in comparison with my usual books, but one that I somehow was able to enjoy The only downside I can find would be the almost complete lack of action packed scenes It is a bit too peaceful for my liking Hoping Hell will change that for the better. This story is the heartwarming pair of childhood friends in the afterlife, after dying in a car crash Oh yeah, and the end of the world.Kate and Daniel have been friends for a long time, despite the fact that Kate is in love with Daniel, and he is completely blind to this After dying in a car crash, they end up in separate heavens, but get the chance to reunite and travel between heavens because Daniel wants to find his sister, who died as a child, and God wants agents to find souls that have gone missing Only problem is, their travels are going to set off the Apocalypse Ragnarok The end of the world.Oops It maybe be cheesy, but my favorite of the heavens that they travel to has to be dog heaven, where everything is in grayscale, and there are fields of rotting carcasses to roll in Next up, Hell. What if heaven weren t enough I can t exactly call this a light hearted look at the metaphysics of the afterlife, but it s certainly not heavy handed What if heaven were a bore, and you had to go looking for What if all the concepts of the afterlife were true There s a thought or three here, but it s entertainment, not something to change your life. 2.5