The Well And The Tree: World And Time In Early Germanic Culture pdf epub –

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10 thoughts on “The Well And The Tree: World And Time In Early Germanic Culture

  1. Marc Marc says:

    Fantastic and in depth dissection of the cosmology and conceptions of time in Germanic culture through the study of extant source material Nordic and Old English , as well as a bit of comparative understanding of nearby Celtic conceptions of the same Most importantly to this reader , Bauschatz dissects the misunderstanding of the role of the Norns away from the classical inclusion of the fates and positions itfully within a Germanic cultural context A must read.

  2. Ashley Price Ashley Price says:

    Read at the suggestion of several friends, and it s quite interesting While I love books that dig deep into lore and make me question some of the fundamental assumptions of my culture, this book is enough outside of my wheelhouse that it didn t really resonate with me It s not bad, just not for me and my interests.

  3. Sian A Sian A says:

    Extremely interesting and useful academic book on perceptions of the world and time in early northern Europe Recommended to me to read in a heathen context, definitely worth it Should be 5 stars but I found the chapter on verbs impenetrable.

  4. Brent Benard Brent Benard says:

    I found this gem in the Norton stacks at UK back in maybe 91 It changed my life, my views on religion and my ancestry I cannot say enough good things to really do it justice I found a copy years later and paid dearly for it It is slow and academic and not for everyone, but I could not put it down After reaching the last page, I opened it back up to page one and started over again It was that good This book influenced my thinkingthan any other, bar none.

  5. Krys Krys says:

    An entire culture cannot be distilled down to two symbols Which is what nearly every essay in this book, despite some very interesting points, attempts to do And then, as if realizing this fatal flaw, the essay on language toward the end tries to pretend it has nothing to do with the well and the tree and talks so in depth about linguistics that it forgets to tie itself back to any of the earlier premises, making it seem like part of another work entirely.

  6. Edward Edward says:

    This is an amazing book If you are into Norse or other German Teutonic Viking mythology this book is very enlightening It is a hard read of the kind that 19th century Philologists love but it is also a seminal work Can t recommend it enough.

  7. Tim Doughty Tim Doughty says:

    A must read if you can get hold of a copy Did it ever come back into print His seminal work on how the lack of future tense in all Germanic languages shapes the way we view the world, the universe and our concept of fate Not an easy read.

  8. Aika Artemisia Aika Artemisia says:

    Very dense, and the last half is almost entirely language IPA garble to me at least but some very interesting concepts and research.

  9. Penny Penny says:

    Can you give this book 6 stars A fascinating insite into the early Germanic mind.